Tax Comparison

Taxes in Washington and Oregon differ. Depending on your individual situation, you might benefit financially from living in one state or the other. Here’s a brief comparison:

Oregon Sales Tax Oregon Income Tax
No state sales tax 5% on the first $3,100 of taxable income.

7% on taxable income $3,101 to $7,9509% on taxable income of $7,951 to $125,0009.

9% percent on taxable income of $125,001 and above

Washington Sales Tax Washington Income Tax
6.5% (food and prescription drugs are exempt) plus local tax rate 1.9% for a combined rate of 8.4% in Clark County.

6.5% on sale or lease of vehicles plus local tax rate 2.2% for a combined rate of 8.7% in Clark County.

No state personal income tax

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