Getting Full Price Offers Quickly in Oregon and Washington

Full Price Offer

From a narrow buyer pool to pricing specialized amenities, sellers in the luxury home market encounter unique challenges that those in traditional markets don’t normally have to navigate. If your home is currently on the market, you might feel like you have to choose between getting the full value and selling it as fast as possible. Fortunately, it’s possible to accomplish both with the guidance of World-Ranked Broker Terrie Cox, RE/MAX Equity Group. Here’s a closer look at some important real estate negotiation tips that can help you sell your residential property at the full listing price – as quickly as possible.

Hire a Professional Stager

Buyers are more likely to purchase a home they can imagine themselves living in, and nowhere is this truer than in the luxury market in Oregon and Washington. Most homes are customized to the tastes of their current owners. If your rooms are still appointed in your personal style, potential buyers may have a hard time picturing the space redecorated to their preferences.

To get the best price in the least amount of time, you’ll have to show buyers your home’s potential. A professional stager can help optimize your home to appeal to the buyers who visit. Stagers can also strategically highlight your property’s standout features to generate even more interest.

Strengthen Your Listing with Incredible Photos

The images you post with your listing will be the first thing most buyers will see. Shoddy photography will turn away a potential buyer before they ever enter the door, so this isn’t the place to cut costs. You’ll want to invest in an ample number of high-quality photos from a professional real estate photographer. You can also boost your listing with attention-grabbing special imagery, such as:

  • Videos
  • Virtual tours
  • Interactive panoramas
  • Drone shots

Focus on the Unique Features

All steps in the selling process – from staging and photography to branding and the language used in your listing – should focus on what makes your home stand out. That doesn’t mean marble countertops, a swimming pool, or other common features that can be found in any other luxury home. Instead, consider those features that are truly unique and then make them the most prominent parts of your advertising. Your home’s unique features could very well be what distinguishes your property from the rest.

Keep It Exclusive

As your advertisements begin to attract buyers, avoid the temptation to host an open house. This may seem counterproductive – after all, open houses can expand your buyer pool. In luxury sales, however, the goal isn’t to attract more buyers – you want the right ones. To find these buyers, the best approach is to work with a highly-networked, experienced agent. Terrie will go above and beyond traditional marketing approaches in real estate to find the right buyer for your unique property.

Work with an Experienced Broker in Oregon and Washington

Finally, an experienced broker is an invaluable resource. Brokers can guide your branding, fine-tune listings, and direct you toward top-quality professionals. To learn more about how Terrie Cox, Re/MAX Equity Group, can streamline your real estate negotiations and help you get your full asking price faster, contact us today.