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The Most Imperative Luxury Home Must-Haves

Whether you’re looking for a plush high-rise condominium or gated community in Vancouver, or equestrian paradise in Portland, no premier home is complete without certain features. Here’s what to look for when buying prime real estate.


Technology speaks volumes when searching for that perfect luxury abode. It’s always great to find a technologically savvy one with a rapid Wi-Fi service, great cellular reception and HD cable. Your luxury residence would not be complete without a spacious entertainment area for your home theater system, and latest flat screen television.

Private Gym

Nothing speaks luxury quite like having your own private gym. You could also look for amenities such as a home sauna, Jacuzzi or spa facilities. Your home gym could extend to the outdoors too, with tennis courts, basketball facilities or a swimming pool. These home gyms can also serve as a family or game room. Including a paved jogging trail around the perimeter of the property can be a great way to work out at home and enjoy the fresh air during your run.

Luxury Amenities

If you want to add something more to your home, add a guest house for your friends to stay in when they visit. If you have horses or have always dreamed of owning one build a barn with stables on your property. If you’re into building things or working on cars you can add a shop to house your hobby.

Grand Kitchens

Having a grand, yet practical kitchen is imperative if cooking is one of your creative outlets. If you don’t intend having a chef, you’ll certainly feel like one with premier appliances. This area should also comprise amenities such as a fridge large enough to stock everything you need, plus ample drawers and a great pantry. Having stainless steel appliances and granite counters will make your kitchen look modern and chic.


No luxury home is complete without a fair dose of impeccable landscaping. Think of entertaining here when you’re scouting for your home. A landscaped garden, complete with water features, is ideal when hosting special events.

High-End Home Safety

Safety is key when moving to a new luxury home. Ensure that your home includes closed-circuit TVs. You could also install an alarm system that can be easily monitored via an app. Opt for a home with appliances that can easily detect issues, as well as timer sensitive lights. Motion sensor lighting is also great for added security. You could buy a home with curtains that open and close automatically for privacy against potential intruders.

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