Listing Your Luxury Home? Talk to Terrie About the Details

Photo Of Terrie Cox - Terrie Cox, RE/MAX Equity GroupAs the region’s premier luxury real estate broker, Terrie Cox is interested in more than just the buying and selling of homes. With her Home Concepts service, Terrie counsels clients before they put their luxury homes on the market, looking at properties through the eyes of a buyer.

Terrie brings a unique perspective to each listing: If a buyer wouldn’t want it, neither does she.

“I give homeowners the critical perspective they need to sell,” says Terrie, who says it can be difficult for homeowners to see potential problems in their own homes. “The last thing they want is for their house to sit on the market.”

Bringing Design to Every Listing

Before becoming the top RE/MAX agent in the Pacific Northwest, Terrie was also a builder and a designer. She enjoyed bringing builders’ and homeowners’ visions to life.

“As a builder and a designer, I get people’s likes and tastes and put the pieces of the puzzle together,” says Terrie.

As she became an increasingly successful realtor, however, Terrie chose to focus on that angle of her business. But Terrie still incorporates design into every sale. To her, it’s as much about improving the functionality of a luxury home as it is about upgrading its aesthetics.

Three Steps for a Successful Sale

Any agent who’s successful in the real estate market will have strong opinions on how to sell homes. For Terrie, it’s all about getting the property in shape right away.

“For me, Home Concepts is about offering the best presentation right out of the chute,” says Terrie. “Don’t wait to hear negativity then decide to fix it. Put your best foot forward.”

To ensure prospective buyers get an inviting vibe from a home, Terrie recommends some straightforward presale steps for homeowners:

– First, get an appraisal of your home and an inspection. Completing a home inspection before the property hits the market is proactive and gives sellers the upper hand. Homeowners won’t be caught off guard by unanticipated problems and can address them before negotiating offers from buyers.

– Second, be prepared to invest in your home. Terrie says some sellers love her suggestions, while others don’t want to hear what they need to do to get their home sold.

“They hire me for my perspective and my expertise. This is part of that,” says Terrie.

She expects clients to view upgrades as regular maintenance that increase the appeal of their home, but not necessarily the asking price.

– Third, don’t ignore the outdoors. Terrie says that landscaping is usually forgotten among improvements, though it can dramatically affect a buyer’s first impression. She encourages homeowners to view the grounds of their property as an extension of their homes.

Terrie Cox’s Expertise Sells Homes

Terrie anticipates potential concerns with a home before they become complaints from buyers, reducing the time a listing spends on the market and helping sellers net a greater return. To get Terrie’s expert perspective on upgrading and marketing your luxury home, call or text (360) 607-4100 or visit

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