What are today’s luxury buyers looking for?

What are today’s luxury buyers looking for? When you think of the luxury real estate market, you might think of stately old mansions covered in ivy set on sprawling estates. Yet the buyers at the top of the market want what most buyers these days want. As people are spending more time at home there is a new desire to make our home our castle. This doesn’t necessarily mean a home fit for a king, but a home with contemporary… Read More

Should You Buy A Timeshare or A Vacation Home?

Now that we’re nearing the end of 2020 many people feel the need for a vacation after spending so much extra time in their homes this year. This has created a rising demand for vacation properties, some people have even begun exploring options for more than just a getaway retreat, but the purchase of their own year-round vacation home. Also, with a greater number of people working remotely now, vacations have more flexibility to turn into working vacations which increases… Read More

A Day in the Life of a Luxury Realtor

There’s a lot more to being a luxury Realtor than just driving showing expensive homes.  The luxury market is characterized by quality, refinement, and exclusivity. Meeting the needs of luxury clients requires in depth knowledge of the high-end market, diligence with details, and a personal touch. Finer Details Like any typical real estate agent, a luxury agent must know every detail about the property, location, amenities, comparable properties listed and sold, community assets, as well as know what their client… Read More

What Questions Should You Ask At A House Showing?

A listing can tell you a lot about a house. You’ll see the basic facts and features, as well as descriptions of the property that highlight the best selling points of the home. Many listings include galleries of lovely photo displays of the home, but keep in mind you shouldn’t fall in love with a listing. Unless you’re house hunting remotely for the purpose of relocation, a listing can’t replace the importance of seeing a home in person. Requesting a… Read More

How Is A Home Appraised?

Appraised value and market value are not the same thing. Market value is used to determine the listing price of a home for sale, while appraised value is based on an inspection of the home to assess true worth. The appraisal of a home is typically done toward the end of the sale process when the buyer’s lender requires it to complete the loan process. Appraised value is based on many of the same factors as market value and is… Read More

Fall Fashion: 5 Local Boutiques for Fall Apparel

Fall Fashion: 5 Local Boutiques for Fall Apparel Little did we know back in 2019 what the coming year and new decade had in store. Style experts didn’t know either. Whether by premonition or coincidence (or perhaps to walk back the rose-colored glasses of last year’s effervescent Living Coral), classic blue was proclaimed 2020 Color of the Year. And it turns out to be just what we need right now. While some may not find this color particularly exciting, most… Read More

So You Want To Buy A Beach House?

For us here in Southwest Washington our Pacific Northwest coastline is a magical destination for a day or weekend retreat. Quaint towns dot the coastline amid rugged cliffs, sandblown dunes, and tidal estuaries. It’s a haven for surfers, beachcombers, whale watchers, or anyone just wanting to slow down and watch the waves hit the shore. A daytrip to the coast never feels like enough, and weekend lodging can be expensive and booked up for months. People who love spending time… Read More

2020 Home Design Trends

With everything that’s happened and changed in this crazy year of 2020, it’s no surprise to learn that home design trends are following suit. We always see new trends in design and décor emerge from year to year, but 2020 is having a dramatic effect on how people view their homes. With less travel, more remote work and distance learning, people are suddenly living in their homes differently now than in any other time in modern memory. More Walls, More… Read More

3 Luxurious Spa Resorts For Late Summer Getaways

With a little bit of summer still left to enjoy and businesses beginning to reopen in regions under Phase II guidelines, it’s not too late to plan a well-deserved vacation. You don’t have to get on an airplane to find some amazing getaway destinations with luxury amenities. And all just within a few hours’ drive. Booking your late summer or even early fall getaway nearby at one of our local hotel resorts is also one way you can help support… Read More

August Local Events

Though many of the summer community events we look forward to all year have been postponed or had format changes this year, summer is not canceled. We still have a long stretch of sunny days and warm weather to enjoy. Sometimes you can have the most fun right in your own backyard, other times you and the family just really need to get out for a change of scenery. Many Clark County organizations are doing their best to present modified… Read More