Ridgefield, WA Investment Property

Property Investment Opportunities in Ridgefield, WA

Situated just east of the Columbia River, Ridgefield, Washington is a city nestled among the lush, rolling hills of Clark County. While Ridgefield is located in a rural setting, it remains a part of the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area, which means you’re never far away from abundant entertainment, dining and nightlife opportunities.

The quaint, small-town charm of Ridgefield attracts those who work in Vancouver, WA and even Portland, OR, but who prefer to come home to quiet, serene surroundings. Whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term property investment in the luxury real estate market, Ridgefield holds untapped potential. Start searching for investment opportunities in Ridgefield, WA with help from Terrie Cox, RE/MAX Equity Group.

Ridgefield Property Investments

Over the last few years, the median sales prices for homes in Ridgefield, Washington have been on the rise, a trend that’s expected to continue – especially as the population of the Portland-Vancouver area continues to swell. In fact, between 2018 and 2019, sales prices rose nearly 3%. In terms of investing, a luxury home bought today will likely earn a sizable return during resale, even if you intend to remodel and sell it within a six-month timeframe. 

If you plan on purchasing an investment property with the intention to rent it out to individuals and their families, Ridgefield offers a unique value proposition. The median household income for families in Ridgefield is over $93,000 – that’s $35,000 more than the national average. Not to mention, rent prices for homes with 4 or more bedrooms rose over 19% between March 2018 and February 2019.

All things considered, Ridgefield’s location – it’s just 15 miles north of Vancouver – coupled with current real estate market trends make it an attractive place to purchase investment properties that appeal to the wants and needs of high-end renters and luxury homebuyers.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Ridgefield, WA

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