Why Professional Home Staging is Key

Professional Home Staging

The luxury housing market is competitive, and nearly every property listed offers spacious floor plans, striking details, and high-end features. If you’re struggling to make your home stand out, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there’s a simple answer to this challenge: staging. Professional home staging can help generate more interest in your listing and deliver the motivated buyers you’re seeking. If you’re wondering if professional home staging is worth it, Terrie Cox, RE/MAX Equity Group explains why you can’t ignore this critical home selling tactic.

Professionally Staged Homes Generate Better Offers

You deserve a great price for your luxury home, and staging can help you get it. According to research from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 58% of Realtors surveyed believe staging leads to higher offers. At the same time, more interest in your home is likely to generate more offers, leading to a reduced time on the market. While there’s no way to guarantee a home will sell within a specific period or command a named value, professional staging is a great tool for motivated sellers who want to achieve the best price possible and limit the time between listing and closing.

Professional Home Staging Generates Beautiful Listing Photos

Today most homebuyers begin their search online. That means your listing is the best chance to attract attention and encourage a showing. When you work with a professional home staging expert, like Terrie Cox, you can rest assured that all your listing photos will generate positive attention. Beautifully styled rooms translate to beautiful photographs, inspiring buyers, and convincing them to see your home in person.

Staging Helps Buyers Imagine Themselves at Home

When buyers step into an empty house, it’s difficult for them to see it as a home. They can appreciate architectural features and modern conveniences, but may not see themselves making happy memories. Filling rooms with well-chosen furnishings, artwork, and accents gives them a sense of how they might decorate the space, as well as how to best make use of it. For example, adding a cozy seating area around a fireplace in an open floor plan transforms empty space into an inviting spot to gather with loved ones.

Leaving your furniture and décor in place seems like a viable solution to this problem, but there’s no guarantee that future homeowners will love the same look you do. Over the years you’ve likely curated a highly personal aesthetic. When prospective buyers arrive, they could struggle to imagine themselves living in a home where so much of your personality remains. Just as importantly, your love of mid-century modern or ultra-minimalist design may leave them cold, even though the home is exactly what they’re seeking.

Emphasizing Great Features, Hiding Flaws

If your home has a special element that sets it apart, such as beautiful windows overlooking a stunning lake, a chef’s kitchen, or an incredible outdoor entertaining area, it makes sense to showcase these with staging. Not only will doing so emphasize how much new homeowners will love taking advantage of these features, but it will help make them memorable even as buyers view other listings.

Yet even the most artfully designed homes have flaws, and professional staging can address this challenge as well. From smaller rooms and a lack of natural light to impractical spaces, staging can discreetly correct these problems with the right arrangement of furniture and accessories. What’s more, staging these areas gives future homeowners an idea of how they might turn perceived flaws into function.

Learn More about Professional Home Staging Today

As a Veteran Top Real Estate Broker, Terrie Cox understands the importance of professional home staging in the competitive Oregon and Washington markets. With years of experience and a strong vision of what area buyers want, her staging services can make the difference between waiting for offers and a quick sale. If you’re ready to sell your luxury property, contact Terrie Cox, RE/MAX Equity Group today.