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Each home sale and purchase is unique: Some homes sell without incident, some buyers search for ages for a property that fits their family. Real estate transactions can be complicated for both first-time buyers and seasoned investors. Partnering with an internationally ranked Realtor like Terrie Cox is the key to a smooth experience. With sophisticated negotiation skills and professional discretion, Terrie will expertly guide you through the sale or purchase of your luxury home in Oregon and Washington’s dynamic real estate markets.

Q: I’m relocating to Oregon or Washington. How can Terrie Cox help me with this transition?

Terrie Cox specializes in relocation services such as neighborhood comparisons, school district information and cost-of-living market analyses. She’ll also help clients – from any part of the world – hire an agent to sell their current home. She is an expert on luxury living in the Pacific Northwest with leads on recreational and entertainment options in various neighborhoods, as well as professional services, including medical and legal providers. You can rely on Terrie to handle your transition and make it as stress-free as possible.

Q: I’m an international buyer – can Terrie help me find and purchase a new home or investment property?

Terrie assists her clients with the intricacies of an international move or purchase, acting as their single point of contact for all stages of the sale. She’ll stay in constant communication with you to understand your unique needs in a luxury home, provide school and neighborhood profiles, organize necessary bank and government documents, offer move-in support and coordinate with other area professionals as needed to ensure a world-class experience.

Q: I’m considering selling my home – can Terrie help me find out what it’s worth?

As a real estate professional with decades of experience in the Portland and Vancouver metro areas, Terrie is uniquely positioned to assess the value of luxury homes in this region. She’ll provide reliable market analysis to help clients determine their property’s worth in the current real estate market.

Q: I’m thinking of putting my home on the market and searching for a new home – is it a good time to buy or sell?

With access to numerous industry resources, Terri has a keen perspective on area trends – housing, employment, business, population growth, retail landscape – and will share her assessment of the market with clients as they consider their next real estate move.

Q: With so many homes on the market, what can Terrie do to make my listing stand out?

Terrie has engineered a dominant marketing presence, appearing in premium print, search, social media, digital display, TV and direct mail channels to promote the properties she represents. She invests considerable time and money to ensure prospective buyers notice your listing and see it in person. Terrie also will help you stage your home to take it from average to inviting, encouraging offers from qualified shoppers. Terrie understands that impeccable staging and aggressive marketing contribute to quicker, larger offers and satisfied clients on both sides of the sale.

Q: I’m interested in a waterfront property. Should I worry about flooding problems?

Oregon and Washington’s luxury real estate markets offer exceptional waterfront properties along the Columbia and Willamette River, as well as in the Lake Oswego and Lacamas Lake areas. Seller disclosure laws in Oregon and Washington require current owners to disclose known problems with their properties, including past flooding problems, so buyers can purchase with confidence.

Q: Are there any tax-related advantages to relocating to Oregon or Washington? Can Terrie help me find a great home in an area with low property tax rates?

For tax-conscious buyers, there are numerous advantages to relocating to Oregon or Washington. Oregon is one of only five states with no sales tax, and Washington has no state income tax. Buyers can rely on Terrie’s savvy real estate expertise to answer their questions and direct them to a county with a tax structure that suits their lifestyle.

Q: I found my dream home, but it’s not for sale. Can Terrie help me make an offer anyway?

Occasionally, a buyer will find and fall in love with the home of their dreams – when it’s not for sale. As a skilled and sensitive negotiator, Terrie is prepared to approach owners of off-market properties to help you make an irresistible offer.

Terrie is the top Realtor and luxury real estate resource in Oregon and Washington. Call or text her directly at (360) 607-4100 to get answers to your real estate questions and find the perfect home.

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