Corporate Relocation to Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA

Expanding a business or organization is often the main reason companies choose to relocate, but it’s not the only motivator. Several key factors including rising energy costs, urban revitalization opportunities, expanding business, and efforts to shrink distribution distances can spur corporate relocation, especially to “green” cities like Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR.

Relocating a company can also mean relocating or hiring personnel temporarily or permanently, which augments the number of stakeholder priorities organizations need to consider when seeking a new space in a new place. Just as taxes and transportation are clearly important issues for both employers and employees, education systems and utilities infrastructure are also critical considerations for long-term growth.

Custom Corporate Relocation Solutions

Companies and organizations come to Terrie Cox for her expert guidance in corporate relocation. Terrie helps her clients meet the challenges of corporate relocation with a native’s intimate knowledge of local real estate and the power of the Pacific Northwest’s #1 RE/MAX Agent. Working through her Buyer Leads department, she conducts a customized search to pinpoint properties that respond to your specific priorities. Terrie then follows up to coordinate property showings, and can also extend that customized search to include temporary and permanent housing for relocating personnel.

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Even well-planned corporate relocations inevitably present unforeseen challenges. Terrie’s proven problem-solving strengths are invaluable resources available to all her relocating clients. With 30+ years of experience and sharp analytical skills, Terrie helps companies foresee and sidestep many relocation pitfalls. You can trust her network of area peers and professionals to solve problems effectively, so you can concentrate on your end of the big move.

Explore the menu above to learn more about the communities and amenities you’ll enjoy in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR. Get a feel for the kind of stunning area properties Terrie specializes in and find out more about her experience and expertise. When your organization is ready to partner with a proven problem-solver and corporate relocation specialist, call or text Terrie directly at 360-699-5100 and make the right move today!

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