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If you are looking for a real estate agent in the Cascade Park area of Vancouver, WA, call Terrie Cox. Terrie is a leading broker with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Harnessing her marketing and negotiating skills along with her network of departments, Terrie ensures that all of your specific needs are met. As a relocation specialist in the luxury real estate market, Terrie understands the territory and knows how to get the job done.

Relocating or looking for a new home? Terrie knows the unique luxury and waterfront properties in the area like no one else.

Need to sell your home? Terrie is a marketing specialist and works hard to advertise your home in order to get you the best price possible. She will even help you stage your home for potential buyers.

Why the Cascade Park Area?

The Cascade Park area of Vancouver is a rising star in the Pacific Northwest. Cultural events, marketplaces, and great schools all make this suburban neighborhood an appealing place to live.

What Attractions Does the Region Hold?

Millport Shopping Center is the major shopping hub in the area, with many of the shops catering to hobbyists and craft enthusiasts. Mill Plain Boulevard contains an extensive array of dining locations, from classic fare to ethnic cuisine. Parks and recreational areas are plentiful, including Bella Vista Park and Cascade Park, which are both open, five-acre parks with amenities and public facilities. Aside from enjoying the scenery and local parks in the immediate area, residents also have a view of the Columbia River while remaining close enough to enjoy the Cascade Mountains in nearby Oregon.

Why Terrie Cox?

Terrie has a proven track record as an expert negotiator, and she knows how to match up her client’s needs with properties in the area. She has extensive knowledge of the luxury homes and properties in the area and will work tirelessly to provide you with personalized service whether you are buying or selling. Learn more about Terrie’s experience and why she is the best choice for your relocation needs. Call or text Terrie directly at (360) 607-4100.

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