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Curbside Appeal on a Luxury Home

In the luxury real estate market, stunning curb appeal sells houses. When visiting or driving by a property, buyers form first impressions based on curbside appeal, and it’s important that your property impresses for a more profitable sale.

Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Luxury Home

First impressions are everything when selling a high-end home, and the importance of updating your landscaping prior to listing shouldn’t be overlooked. Terrie encourages homeowners to view their property grounds as an extension of their homes – especially since landscaping can dramatically affect the perceived value of a house.

Upgrades that make your home stand out are immaculate landscaping, serene water features, new paint and inviting outdoor living areas. For example, patios staged with high-end furniture, plush cushions and fire pits allow buyers to see all the entertainment possibilities that your luxury home has to offer.

Before listing, take the time to remove debris from your yard, trim trees and hedges, clean walkways and plant in-season flowers. Simple upkeep will prepare your home for both drive-by traffic and scheduled home showings, helping get more buyers in the door.

Enlist Terrie Cox to Sell Your Vancouver-Portland Area Home

In today’s luxury real estate market, curb appeal goes beyond in-person visits. Potential homebuyers often get first impressions by viewing photographs and virtual tours on real estate websites. As a World-Ranked RE/MAX Broker, Terrie Cox knows what it takes to appeal to potential buyers, whether they’re browsing properties online or attending house tours in person.

By listing your property on more than 40 real estate sites with high-quality photos and virtual tours, Terrie and her marketing team help ensure the best possible first impression on the largest potential audience. Contact Terrie Cox to receive assistance with selling your home in the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR real estate markets.

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