2020 Home Design Trends

With everything that’s happened and changed in this crazy year of 2020, it’s no surprise to learn that home design trends are following suit. We always see new trends in design and décor emerge from year to year, but 2020 is having a dramatic effect on how people view their homes. With less travel, more remote work and distance learning, people are suddenly living in their homes differently now than in any other time in modern memory.

More Walls, More Doors, More Privacy
One significant change is to floorplans. The open concept floorplan that’s been popular for decades may be a thing of the past. Instead of great open rooms without barriers, builders and home remodelers are seeing requests for more walls, more doors, and more privacy overall. Families and households that used to value large shared spaces to relax together in the evenings and at the end of busy weeks are now wanting a bit less togetherness now. Homes used to be a place of retreat from the outside world and very suddenly became the entire world for many people other than essential workers. Our homes became more than a place to sleep and eat and bathe, but a workplace, a school, a fitness center, a playground, a library, a spa, and so much more. The bright side is that so much creativity resulted from the months of lockdown as homeowners had time to look around and get new remodeling ideas as well as take on home improvement projects they never had time to start or finish. The lines at the home improvement stores earlier this year are proof of this!

Anything Goes
Speaking of creativity, for home décor the overall home design trends for 2020 seems to be “anything goes.” With so much time at home and uncertainty over how long this will last or if this is the new normal, many people are designing with their own tastes and what appeals to them on a very personal level—choosing what they really love over what’s in fashion. Some prefer calming hues while others want vibrant colors. Some want to bring the outside in with earth tones and indoor gardens. Others want textures and organic materials. It’s a matter of personal taste without so much thought to the latest styles to impress guests—since the future of entertaining and hosting parties at home is also uncertain. One thing for sure is that 2020 has been a creative time of inspiration and new perspectives.

More Functional Changes
Features that would have been considered unessential in the past are in greater demand as the function of the home evolves to meet greater needs and uses. In addition to more private rooms, walls, and doors, builders are seeing higher priority on energy efficient heating and cooling as well as more insulation for maximum noise reduction. Touchless faucets and bidets and other smart home features are being requested to minimize spread of germs. Also with sanitation in mind, mudrooms with showers are becoming a new concept for the post-lockdown world, as a place to sanitize before entering the home. All of this may sound like science fiction but could very well be the new normal as people learn to adapt. The good news is that with all of our advances in technology and building techniques, people are adapting and moving forward to meet any new challenges that lie ahead.