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Time to celebrate: Terrie Cox is RE/MAX’s #5 ranked individual broker in the U.S., and #25 in the world!

A little bit of congratulations are in order. At the 2018 RE/MAX R4 convention in Las Vegas, Terrie Cox was honored as the #5-ranked individual RE/MAX residential broker in the U.S. The honor is a testament to the more than two decades of commitment and hard work that Terrie has invested in her brokerage, and in serving clients throughout the Portland-Vancouver area.

With more than 115,000 agents, RE/MAX is the world’s most productive real estate network. Terrie’s top-five ranking is even more remarkable considering that most of the other top-ranked honorees hail from markets much larger than Terrie’s base in Vancouver, Washington.

But being highly-ranked is nothing new to Terrie, as she’s earned these same honors several times in prior years. In fact, in 2016 Terrie was honored as the #25 RE/MAX broker in the world.

Much of Terrie’s consistent success, she says, is owed to a strong belief in herself, and in always be striving to do more for her clients.

“I have a vision, and a strong passion for what I do and how I serve clients,” she says. “I always continue to learn and grow, and I’m very purposeful about setting goals and focusing relentlessly on accomplishing them.”

Those goals always revolve around meeting clients’ needs first. Whether they’re looking to sell a luxury real estate property, or interested in relocating to the Portland-Vancouver area from outside the market, meeting clients’ needs is always Terrie’s number one objective.

“A long time ago, I fell in love with what I do, and that’s helping to improve peoples’ lives by helping them realize their real estate dreams,” she says. “Finding, or selling, the right home, can really make a huge positive change in someone’s life. And for me, being successful comes from believing that I can change someone’s life with every client I meet.”

Two other major contributing factors are Terrie’s unmatched market expertise, gained over more than two decades of serving the Portland-Vancouver luxury real estate market; and her use of cutting-edge technologies to help her find the right buyers for each listing client.

“Nobody takes a more comprehensive, strategic approach to keeping a client’s home top-of-mind among buyers,” she says. A big part of that approach is her reliance on sophisticated, customized marketing strategies that position each property uniquely, and to very specialized audiences.

When it comes to luxury living, finding the right home requires a Realtor® who has luxury expertise. Terrie Cox is Oregon and Washington’s premier luxury real estate broker. Recognized nationally and internationally among RE/MAX’s top 25 Realtors in the world, Terrie is uniquely qualified to help buyers relocating to the Portland-Vancouver area learn more about the market, and select just the right city or community for their new home. Call or text Terrie directly at (360) 607-4100, email or visit terrie’s listings to view the best luxury properties available in the market.

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Want to sell fast? Staging will get your home looking its best for buyers

Experienced, design-driven RE/MAX broker Terrie Cox says there’s nothing like professional staging to prepare a home to go on the market. These interior designers are in tune with modern décor trends, as well as what buyers want in their next home.

One thing they definitely don’t want? Too much personal touch. Buyers need to visualize what their lives would look like in a different home. Old furniture, family photos and other details from the current owners can be distracting.

“When I go to a seller’s house, they don’t see what I see. They’re not going to see what the buyer’s looking for,” says Terrie, who knows from 30 years as a Realtor in the Pacific Northwest that professional staging means a listing spends less time on the market — meaning a greater return for owners.

Many sellers think their furniture is adequate for their listing photos, open houses and tours. But Terrie advises her clients to invest in staging, especially for those selling high-end homes — and it pays off. Professionally selected and arranged furniture can emphasize selling points, mitigate dated features and net a more attractive offer than sellers might have otherwise received.

Before you list, ask Terrie for her advice and a referral for a staging professional. Call or text her directly at (360) 607-4100 or email

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Five Tips and Tricks to Get the Best Price For Your Home

Staging your home for sale is an important but often-overlooked part of the listing process. Not only can an accurate staging sell your home more quickly, but homes that have been designed so the buyer can picture themselves living in the property can earn you up to 10 percent above the listing price. Here are home staging tips and tricks to keep in mind before placing your home on the market.

1. Remove Personal Items

Your cherished photos and mementos have been carefully curated, but they aren’t a boon to buyers. Stow away your wedding photos, family albums, and other personal items that will make it difficult for buyers to imagine their family living in the property.

2. Shift Your Storage

Closet space is essential for homeowners, and buyers want to feel that their new property will be more spacious than their previous home. Avoid the temptation to put your personal items in closets, attics, and basements when home staging. Instead, invest in a storage unit.

3. Don’t Forget the Outdoor Space

Outdoor living is one of the hottest new commodities for luxury homes. Ensure that buyers can imagine themselves hosting Sunday brunch by arranging your patio furniture in an attractive display that’s conducive to guests. Pristine landscaping and fresh paint are also must-dos before listing.

4. Brighten it Up

The right light can make a big difference when it comes to making your home inviting. Maximize natural light by cleaning the windows and drapes. You should also replace your light bulbs with brighter ones when home staging.

5. Pack Up the Pets

Evidence of dogs and cats is unappealing to most buyers. If you have pets, find a great kennel or a generous friend who can watch your furry friends when showings are scheduled.

For help staging your home, Terrie Cox is available 24/7. Call or text at 360-607-4100.

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3 Ways to Best Stage Your Home for Sale

The purpose of staging is to make a home look and feel its most inviting. For a quicker sale and a better offer, most realtors insist on decluttering. Staging takes this process several steps further by minimizing the amount of furniture that’s present and arranging items in an eye-catching layout. Even small changes can yield big results.

Arrange Attractive Artwork On Walls

While less is more when it comes to wall decor, a few well-positioned pieces of the right type of art will show off your spaces beautifully. Remove any personal photos and instead add artwork that brings out the best in a room. Landscapes work well. So do tasteful abstract designs with colors that complement the walls and furnishings.

Light Up Dark Areas

Rooms that are light, bright, and cheerful feel welcoming. People are drawn in and want to spend time there. Dark corners and poorly lit zones have the opposite effect – they repel people.

With your realtor, check each room carefully to make sure all areas are well lit. Replace light bulbs and add fixtures to create the right impression. A mix of lighting increases a room’s appeal; be sure to have both ambient lighting and accent lights. Then add focused lighting for desks, cabinets, nooks, and other special purpose areas.

Group Furniture Into Intimate Settings

Prospective buyers looking at a room are searching for possibilities. They want to envision what the room could be for them. Stoke their imagination by grouping furniture into cozy, intimate settings. Move pieces away from the walls and arrange them into inviting layouts. Create living spaces that are uncluttered and feel welcoming.

For example, arrange sofas, chairs, and accent tables into comfortable conversational clusters. At the same time, make sure nothing blocks the flow of traffic. As prospective buyers follow their realtor from room to room, they’ll be able to easily picture themselves enjoying each space.

For help with staging, call or text Terrie Cox at 360-607-4100.

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Appease the Appraiser & Find Your Home’s True Value

Appraisal process

Getting an appraisal — a report that states the actual market value of a property — is among the first steps to refinancing your home or preparing to put it on the market. An appraiser will analyze not just your home, but those around it, as well as the location and features of the neighborhood: proximity to restaurants, shops, grocery stores, highways, parks, schools and other important amenities.

Changes to the appraisal system

For buyers and sellers, scheduling appraisals recently has become more challenging with changes in national regulations governing appraiser fees and apprenticeships. The new rules have created a shortage in many markets, delaying and even derailing transactions.

Delays can cause a borrower’s loan lock to expire while they wait for their desired home to be evaluated, often causing a chain reaction and setting back the seller’s purchase, as well. Overburdened appraisers may charge exorbitant rush fees to move appointments up. And when appraisers can’t be found locally, they come in from other cities or states, leaving the appraisal in the hands of someone unfamiliar with the area.

The solution for both parties is scheduling enough time for the sale to accommodate a delayed appraisal. Parties on either side of a sale should talk with their real estate agents to get a sense of how long it will take to get a local appraiser. Buyers also should address the issue with their lenders to try to avoid losing rate locks or paying to extend them if the appraisal takes longer than expected.

Extra steps for sellers

While an appraisal is an objective analysis of your property (square footage, materials used, type of house, number of rooms, garage or no garage, etc.), it doesn’t hurt to spruce up. Declutter, repaint dingy walls, clean up dead or unruly landscaping, replace damaged flooring and ensure all appliances work properly. These items already should be on every homeowner’s presale to-do list.

Major upgrades don’t guarantee an increase in value — or even a total return on materials — so there’s no need to overdo it. If you renovate, concentrate on the kitchen and bathrooms. But money is better spent on smaller projects: landscaping updates, drawer pulls, paint, doorknobs, light fixtures or even a new front door. Things like a new roof, windows or furnace should be pointed out to the appraiser. Whatever project you take on, finish before the appraisal and save your receipts.

Know your neighbors — and the appraiser

An appraisal is based largely on the homes and amenities surrounding the property in question. Appraisers evaluate comparable listings and measurable qualities of the home to determine market value, which doesn’t always align with what buyers are willing to pay.

To prepare for the appraisal’s likely outcome, do your research. Tour other listings in the area and pay attention to what they sell for. Appraisers may not be as in tune with the area as the people who live there and could overlook key features. Mention how your neighborhood has improved or if new amenities have been added.

Know your appraiser’s qualifications and expectations, too. They must be licensed by the state, but check for additional distinctions, such as MAI or SRA. Before scheduling the appraisal, review the forms the appraiser will use to evaluate your home. They will give you an idea of how your home will be analyzed, giving you a thorough checklist to prepare.

Trust your Realtor

An appraisal that comes in far lower or higher than expected has consequences for buyers and sellers. Review appraisal discrepancies with your agent and create a strategy to improve the value of your home and price it appropriately (for sellers) or adjust your loan amount (for buyers).

Terrie Cox, RE/MAX’s top broker in the Pacific Northwest, is skilled at helping her clients prepare for and understand the appraisal process. She works with clients on either side of a real estate transaction and homeowners planning to refinance their homes. Call or text her directly at (360) 607-4100 or email to schedule a consultation.

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Follow Realtor’s advice to sell home quickly & competitively

In a hot housing market like the Portland-Vancouver area, buyers have a lot of choices and they move quickly. To get their attention — and the most money out of their homes — the smartest thing a seller can do is listen to their Realtor. An agent’s guidance is key to netting a great sale price and shaving crucial days off the time a listing spends on the market.

“I’m looking at that house in the eyes of the buyer,” says Terrie Cox, RE/MAX’s top broker in Oregon and Washington. With more than 30 years of experience as a luxury real estate agent, Terrie knows what will impress buyers and elicit competitive offers.

Terrie recommends creating both a blank slate and a welcoming environment in the home so buyers can visualize themselves living there. Painting walls a warm neutral tone, decluttering and hiring a professional stager help a property shine in its online listing photos and in person.

Terrie is also skilled at evaluating market trends and pricing homes appropriately. When a listing is priced right for its size, neighborhood, features and age, it creates urgency among buyers, often attracting multiple offers and exceeding the original sale price.

Selling your home can seem overwhelming. Terrie Cox, RE/MAX’s top Realtor in the Pacific Northwest, is a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist who is committed to helping her clients market their listings and negotiate an unbeatable sale price. Call or text Terrie directly at (360) 607-4100 or email to schedule your personal consultation.

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Home inspections help sellers anticipate problems, avoid stress, save money

Home inspections are an important step for potential buyers, but they are just as critical for sellers. By having their homes checked out before listing, sellers can avoid surprises, save time and net a higher sale price.

Home inspectors evaluate electrical systems, gas lines, plumbing, basements and crawl spaces, siding, the roof and more. Some of their biggest red flags? Moisture, leaks, radon and mold. Knowing about problems before their house goes on the market, sellers can fix them or anticipate issues that might come up in negotiations. Inspections help sellers and agents accurately price properties, potentially avoiding the anxiety of extra days on the market and potential price decreases.

Terrie Cox, RE/MAX’s top agent in the Pacific Northwest and a Certified Negotiation Expert, advises clients to schedule an inspection before listing their homes. For more expert guidance, call or text Terrie at (360) 607-4100 or email

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Successfully List Your Home with Terrie’s Presale Tips


Find an incredible Realtor. A reliable real estate agent is the key to a successful move. Ask around for referrals, and be sure to check out their websites, listing photos and marketing materials. Stopping by open houses in your area is another low-pressure way to meet a variety of agents and collect information.

Terrie Cox, RE/MAX’s top real estate broker in Oregon and Washington, helps her clients navigate their lengthy pre-sale to-do lists. With her guidance, your listing will get excellent exposure and you’ll be professionally represented in negotiations, resulting in unbeatable offers and shorter time on the market overall.

Make peace with moving before listing. It’s normal to get attached to your home, but concentrating on selling with a negative attitude is difficult. Allow time to feel sadness or loss, then focus on the positive aspects of moving (i.e. more space for your growing family, shorter commute, fenced yard for your dog).

Begin cleaning, organizing and decluttering. Realtors advise making your house feel clean and neutral so potential buyers can imagine living there. Pack personal effects like photos and souvenirs, stow small kitchen appliances to show off counter space and find a tidy spot for toys, if you have children or pets. This is a great time to toss, donate or sell things that won’t be making the move with you.

Get your legal ducks in a row. Are there any incurred debts or liens against your property? Resolve them. Do you own it jointly with siblings or a divorced spouse? Get their consent. Do you know where your important documents are (i.e. deed, surveys, appraisals, documentation of repairs or improvements, tenant agreements, community covenants)? Find them. All of this will come up during negotiations.


Take action.

Get a pre-sale inspection and appraisal. A thorough inspection will identify problems in your home, giving you a chance to fix them before you list and, potentially, leverage during negotiations. The appraisal will guide how you and your agent price your home, taking into account the improvements you’ve made, property value increases and similarly priced homes in your area. Your agent can help you find qualified service professionals.

Make necessary repairs. Address issues with HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems, as well as problems with your roof, basement or attic, particularly mold or moisture inside. Alternatively, be prepared to disclose serious problems to the buyer and, potentially, accept a lower offer.

Spruce up a few other things, too. Outdated or ugly landscaping, fixtures, appliances or walkways can be enough to turn buyers off of an otherwise perfect home. But fixes don’t need to be expensive to be effective. Smoothing sticky drawers or doors, repairing that leaky sink, adding plants to your porch or replacing old light fixtures can make your place look inviting and move-in ready.

Be smart about updating. You may be considering a glamorous remodel to raise your home’s selling price. While a new kitchen or master suite may contribute to a faster sale or higher offers, you probably won’t recoup the entire cost of the renovation. If you do remodel, select neutral, high-quality finishes. But never underestimate the impact — and reasonable price tag — of fresh paint.


List it.

List your house and spread the word. Arrange professional listing photos of your home, and take your agent’s advice on staging and improving curb appeal. Check the listing and marketing materials to ensure all details are correct.

Your agent will market the home to potential buyers, as well as other agents. Terrie invests in each of her listings, using a mix of traditional advertising channels (signs, flyers and newspaper listings) as well as digital media (online ads, social media posts, photo galleries and video tours, email newsletters and more) to attract attention to your home. You also can share your listing with friends, family and your social network.

Terrie Cox is a Certified Negotiation Expert and a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist. She has helped clients in the Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, areas price their homes competitively and sell quickly for 30 years. If you’re thinking about listing, call or text her at (360) 607-4100 or email

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Listing Your Luxury Home? Talk to Terrie About the Details

Photo Of Terrie Cox - Terrie Cox, RE/MAX Equity GroupAs the region’s premier luxury real estate broker, Terrie Cox is interested in more than just the buying and selling of homes. With her Home Concepts service, Terrie counsels clients before they put their luxury homes on the market, looking at properties through the eyes of a buyer.

Terrie brings a unique perspective to each listing: If a buyer wouldn’t want it, neither does she.

“I give homeowners the critical perspective they need to sell,” says Terrie, who says it can be difficult for homeowners to see potential problems in their own homes. “The last thing they want is for their house to sit on the market.”

Bringing Design to Every Listing

Before becoming the top RE/MAX agent in the Pacific Northwest, Terrie was also a builder and a designer. She enjoyed bringing builders’ and homeowners’ visions to life.

“As a builder and a designer, I get people’s likes and tastes and put the pieces of the puzzle together,” says Terrie.

As she became an increasingly successful realtor, however, Terrie chose to focus on that angle of her business. But Terrie still incorporates design into every sale. To her, it’s as much about improving the functionality of a luxury home as it is about upgrading its aesthetics.

Three Steps for a Successful Sale

Any agent who’s successful in the real estate market will have strong opinions on how to sell homes. For Terrie, it’s all about getting the property in shape right away.

“For me, Home Concepts is about offering the best presentation right out of the chute,” says Terrie. “Don’t wait to hear negativity then decide to fix it. Put your best foot forward.”

To ensure prospective buyers get an inviting vibe from a home, Terrie recommends some straightforward presale steps for homeowners:

– First, get an appraisal of your home and an inspection. Completing a home inspection before the property hits the market is proactive and gives sellers the upper hand. Homeowners won’t be caught off guard by unanticipated problems and can address them before negotiating offers from buyers.

– Second, be prepared to invest in your home. Terrie says some sellers love her suggestions, while others don’t want to hear what they need to do to get their home sold.

“They hire me for my perspective and my expertise. This is part of that,” says Terrie.

She expects clients to view upgrades as regular maintenance that increase the appeal of their home, but not necessarily the asking price.

– Third, don’t ignore the outdoors. Terrie says that landscaping is usually forgotten among improvements, though it can dramatically affect a buyer’s first impression. She encourages homeowners to view the grounds of their property as an extension of their homes.

Terrie Cox’s Expertise Sells Homes

Terrie anticipates potential concerns with a home before they become complaints from buyers, reducing the time a listing spends on the market and helping sellers net a greater return. To get Terrie’s expert perspective on upgrading and marketing your luxury home, call or text (360) 607-4100 or visit

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Selling or Buying a Luxury Home

Home For Sale Photo - Terrie Cox, RE/MAX Equity GroupPortland and Vancouver’s luxury real estate market, while impressive, isn’t always entirely straightforward. Whether you are relocating to a new area or selling your property, the process is smoother with the help and intuition of a savvy agent. Rely on the reputation and professionalism of an experienced realtor such as Terrie Cox. Terrie is a true expert in the market and an advocate for her clients. With a sterling record, deep network, and unparalleled local knowledge, Terrie can deliver the home or buyer that you are looking for.

Staying Focused to Find Great Properties

Moving to or within affluent housing markets such as Portland or Vancouver – each brimming with outstanding properties – can be overwhelming, especially for buyers who are new to the area. These listings easily dazzle home shoppers with their beautiful amenities and can distract buyers from what they really need in their next house. A real estate agent who understands your unique wish list and lifestyle, as well as the regional housing history and trends, is an invaluable partner to have by your side when selling or buying a luxury home. Terrie matches her clients’ search criteria against every home – and its video tour – in the MLS listings, giving her buyers daily access to new homes that have just come on the market.

Navigating the Luxury Home Landscape with a Realtor

Realtors are well-positioned to spot new offerings – some before they’re officially on the market. In these competitive scenarios, agents give their clients an edge and can often help them submit offers ahead of other buyers. With her finger on the pulse of the region’s affluent real estate market, Terrie knows how to handle hot properties and expertly guides clients through the buying process. She also recognizes the true gems among the average listings in this area’s fast-paced housing landscape.

Connecting Sellers to Qualified, In-Market Buyers

Though some ambitious homeowners may be tempted to sell their property on their own, a realtor’s insider knowledge can be a game changer at any price range. With years of monitoring housing demand, pricing, and fluctuations, a skilled agent can aggressively, but accurately price a home to give its owner excellent return. A realtor’s wide local network also grants sellers access to buyers who may be out of reach for owners who sell their homes independently.

Once they generate interest in their clients’ homes, professional realtors know how to present and market exclusively to perfect, qualified buyers. Terrie’s exceptional interior design and builder background makes her clients’ homes look their best for tours and listing photos. She knows that an inviting atmosphere helps shoppers more easily envision themselves living in the home, which can contribute to a quicker sale at a more attractive asking price, benefiting her clients who are selling or buying a luxury home. Terrie also promotes your property on advertising channels – high-end lifestyle magazines, premier real estate websites, etc. – that attract an audience more likely to be looking for a luxury home.

An Experienced Realtor You Can Rely On

If you’re choosing a realtor for either job, whether you are selling or buying a luxury home, or perhaps both, how should you pick one? It’s simple: start with Terrie Cox.

Terrie has an impressive collection of regional and national credentials and awards, including Top 1 percent of RE/MAX agents in the United States, No. 1 in the Pacific Northwest, No. 18 in the United States, No. 59 in the world and Top 10 Relocation Member. In addition, Terrie is a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, meaning she has the knowledge and experience that affluent buyers and sellers can depend on. As a Certified Relocation Professional, she’s also specially trained to assist relocating families with their move.

Terrie has built a dominant presence in the market, guaranteeing high visibility for your listing. As a realtor with RE/MAX, the world’s largest real estate brand, Terrie enjoys national exposure to the tune of 4 billion TV, radio, print and digital impressions annually. Individually, she promotes her listings and services through sponsored search results; on local, national, and international real estate databases; via digital ads targeted to luxury home intenders; and in premium publications catering to affluent audiences who are interested in selling or buying a luxury home. For each of her listings, she also produces high-quality video voiceover campaigns to promote them to potential buyers in her database.

Most importantly, Terrie listens to each of her clients to understand their unique needs and match them with fantastic luxury homes that fit their family life, commute, personal style, priorities, and leisure activities. She’s uniquely in tune with the markets she represents, enabling her to provide clients with trustworthy information and expert advice. With an industry leader like Terrie, you’ll find an excellent home, the perfect neighborhood, and premium amenities suited to your lifestyle.

Learn how Terrie Cox, a world-ranked RE/MAX realtor, can work with you to buy or sell your luxury home in Washington or Oregon by visiting or calling/texting (360) 607-4100.

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