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Before Selecting a Home, Learn About Its School District

Photo Of Young Students - Terrie Cox, P.C.One of the concerns home shoppers—especially those with children—have is finding a home for sale in a desirable school district. Even buyers without children can benefit from the high resale value and stability that a home in a well-regarded zone retains.

Finding out if a district ranks highly, why it ranks highly, and whether it includes the home in question is tricky. Terrie Cox, the leading RE/MAX Realtor in the Pacific Northwest, offers expert knowledge of Portland and Vancouver schools, as well as those in high-end areas such as Lake Oswego, to help families find the right fit.

Portland: An Education for Every Student

Portland Public Schools serves 45,000 students with a variety of interests and educational levels. Many schools are revered for emphasis on the arts—Buckman Arts Focus Elementary—and language immersion programs—Ainsworth Elementary School. Meanwhile, high schools such as Benson Polytechnic High School have career and technical education programs that prepare students for high-demand trade jobs. Benson—with Grant, Wilson, Lincoln, and Franklin—is among U.S. News & World Report’s highest ranked high schools nationwide.

Portland has outstanding private schools as well. Most tout faculty with master’s degrees, smaller class sizes, and robust arts and music programs. Prestigious college prep schools, such as St. Mary’s Academy and Portland Christian Schools, offer a rigorous curriculum, including Advanced Placement options.

Vancouver: Tech Focus, Global Perspective

Vancouver Public Schools prepares students for a tech-based future. The district has received national attention for its innovative use of technology, including providing iPads for all middle and high school students. VPS has been selected multiple times for site visits and videos by the U.S. Department of Education, during which teachers and students detail how digital tools improve learning.

Vancouver’s schools are also noteworthy for their progressive academics. Fort Vancouver High School’s Center for International Studies encourages students to celebrate diversity, approach global issues with curiosity and respect, and connect with their heritage through a cosmopolitan curriculum. International Baccalaureate magnet programs at Columbia River High School push students to think critically, encounter new perspectives, and earn college credit.

Lake Oswego: Best District in the U.S.

South of Portland, the Lake Oswego School District was recently recognized by StartClass—using data from the U.S. Department of Education—as the top school district in the nation. With both Lake Oswego High School and Lakeridge High School on U.S. News & World Report’s rankings for their above-average test scores and college readiness, Lake Oswego is also home to high-performing elementary and middle schools. Each school offers several language options and actively promotes artistic literacy alongside athletic activities.

Depend on a Local Resource

Terrie Cox knows how important a school district is to families looking at the area’s homes for sale. That’s why each of her listings includes which elementary, middle, and high school zone the property falls within. To talk about schools in the neighborhoods you’re considering, call or text Terrie at (360) 607-4100 or visit

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Selling or Buying a Luxury Home

Home For Sale Photo - Terrie Cox, PCPortland and Vancouver’s luxury real estate market, while impressive, isn’t always entirely straightforward. Whether you are relocating to a new area or selling your property, the process is smoother with the help and intuition of a savvy agent. Rely on the reputation and professionalism of an experienced realtor such as Terrie Cox. Terrie is a true expert in the market and an advocate for her clients. With a sterling record, deep network, and unparalleled local knowledge, Terrie can deliver the home or buyer that you are looking for.

Staying Focused to Find Great Properties

Moving to or within affluent housing markets such as Portland or Vancouver – each brimming with outstanding properties – can be overwhelming, especially for buyers who are new to the area. These listings easily dazzle home shoppers with their beautiful amenities and can distract buyers from what they really need in their next house. A real estate agent who understands your unique wish list and lifestyle, as well as the regional housing history and trends, is an invaluable partner to have by your side when selling or buying a luxury home. Terrie matches her clients’ search criteria against every home – and its video tour – in the MLS listings, giving her buyers daily access to new homes that have just come on the market.

Navigating the Luxury Home Landscape with a Realtor

Realtors are well-positioned to spot new offerings – some before they’re officially on the market. In these competitive scenarios, agents give their clients an edge and can often help them submit offers ahead of other buyers. With her finger on the pulse of the region’s affluent real estate market, Terrie knows how to handle hot properties and expertly guides clients through the buying process. She also recognizes the true gems among the average listings in this area’s fast-paced housing landscape.

Connecting Sellers to Qualified, In-Market Buyers

Though some ambitious homeowners may be tempted to sell their property on their own, a realtor’s insider knowledge can be a game changer at any price range. With years of monitoring housing demand, pricing, and fluctuations, a skilled agent can aggressively, but accurately price a home to give its owner excellent return. A realtor’s wide local network also grants sellers access to buyers who may be out of reach for owners who sell their homes independently.

Once they generate interest in their clients’ homes, professional realtors know how to present and market exclusively to perfect, qualified buyers. Terrie’s exceptional interior design and builder background makes her clients’ homes look their best for tours and listing photos. She knows that an inviting atmosphere helps shoppers more easily envision themselves living in the home, which can contribute to a quicker sale at a more attractive asking price, benefiting her clients who are selling or buying a luxury home. Terrie also promotes your property on advertising channels – high-end lifestyle magazines, premier real estate websites, etc. – that attract an audience more likely to be looking for a luxury home.

An Experienced Realtor You Can Rely On

If you’re choosing a realtor for either job, whether you are selling or buying a luxury home, or perhaps both, how should you pick one? It’s simple: start with Terrie Cox.

Terrie has an impressive collection of regional and national credentials and awards, including Top 1 percent of RE/MAX agents in the United States, No. 1 in the Pacific Northwest, No. 18 in the United States, No. 59 in the world and Top 10 Relocation Member. In addition, Terrie is a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, meaning she has the knowledge and experience that affluent buyers and sellers can depend on. As a Certified Relocation Professional, she’s also specially trained to assist relocating families with their move.

Terrie has built a dominant presence in the market, guaranteeing high visibility for your listing. As a realtor with RE/MAX, the world’s largest real estate brand, Terrie enjoys national exposure to the tune of 4 billion TV, radio, print and digital impressions annually. Individually, she promotes her listings and services through sponsored search results; on local, national, and international real estate databases; via digital ads targeted to luxury home intenders; and in premium publications catering to affluent audiences who are interested in selling or buying a luxury home. For each of her listings, she also produces high-quality video voiceover campaigns to promote them to potential buyers in her database.

Most importantly, Terrie listens to each of her clients to understand their unique needs and match them with fantastic luxury homes that fit their family life, commute, personal style, priorities, and leisure activities. She’s uniquely in tune with the markets she represents, enabling her to provide clients with trustworthy information and expert advice. With an industry leader like Terrie, you’ll find an excellent home, the perfect neighborhood, and premium amenities suited to your lifestyle.

Learn how Terrie Cox, a world-ranked RE/MAX realtor, can work with you to buy or sell your luxury home in Washington or Oregon by visiting or calling/texting (360) 607-4100.

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