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Time to celebrate: Terrie Cox is RE/MAX’s #5 ranked individual broker in the U.S., and #25 in the world!

A little bit of congratulations are in order. At the 2018 RE/MAX R4 convention in Las Vegas, Terrie Cox was honored as the #5-ranked individual RE/MAX residential broker in the U.S. The honor is a testament to the more than two decades of commitment and hard work that Terrie has invested in her brokerage, and in serving clients throughout the Portland-Vancouver area.

With more than 115,000 agents, RE/MAX is the world’s most productive real estate network. Terrie’s top-five ranking is even more remarkable considering that most of the other top-ranked honorees hail from markets much larger than Terrie’s base in Vancouver, Washington.

But being highly-ranked is nothing new to Terrie, as she’s earned these same honors several times in prior years. In fact, in 2016 Terrie was honored as the #25 RE/MAX broker in the world.

Much of Terrie’s consistent success, she says, is owed to a strong belief in herself, and in always be striving to do more for her clients.

“I have a vision, and a strong passion for what I do and how I serve clients,” she says. “I always continue to learn and grow, and I’m very purposeful about setting goals and focusing relentlessly on accomplishing them.”

Those goals always revolve around meeting clients’ needs first. Whether they’re looking to sell a luxury real estate property, or interested in relocating to the Portland-Vancouver area from outside the market, meeting clients’ needs is always Terrie’s number one objective.

“A long time ago, I fell in love with what I do, and that’s helping to improve peoples’ lives by helping them realize their real estate dreams,” she says. “Finding, or selling, the right home, can really make a huge positive change in someone’s life. And for me, being successful comes from believing that I can change someone’s life with every client I meet.”

Two other major contributing factors are Terrie’s unmatched market expertise, gained over more than two decades of serving the Portland-Vancouver luxury real estate market; and her use of cutting-edge technologies to help her find the right buyers for each listing client.

“Nobody takes a more comprehensive, strategic approach to keeping a client’s home top-of-mind among buyers,” she says. A big part of that approach is her reliance on sophisticated, customized marketing strategies that position each property uniquely, and to very specialized audiences.

When it comes to luxury living, finding the right home requires a Realtor® who has luxury expertise. Terrie Cox is Oregon and Washington’s premier luxury real estate broker. Recognized nationally and internationally among RE/MAX’s top 25 Realtors in the world, Terrie is uniquely qualified to help buyers relocating to the Portland-Vancouver area learn more about the market, and select just the right city or community for their new home. Call or text Terrie directly at (360) 607-4100, email or visit terrie’s listings to view the best luxury properties available in the market.

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Woodland Daylight Home Entrance - Vancouver, WA - Terrie Cox, RE/MAX Equity Group

Woodland Daylight Home with Spectacular Views

Take in the scenic views of the Pacific Northwest right in your own backyard with this custom daylight home at 111 S Luoma Road in Woodland, Washington. Offering an impeccable combination of upscale features and an exceptional location just minutes from shopping and Interstate 5, this Woodland Stunner has it all.

A glance at this home’s stone and cement-siding-clad exterior reveals a sense of modern beauty that’s just as present throughout its interior. High ceilings and 8 ft. doors create a welcoming, open feel, while hardwood floors crafted of Brazilian cherry exude warmth and elegance.

As you venture through the home’s two expansive floors, take note of the granite, marble, Japanese slate and custom stone and iron work that add a strikingly unique look to each space. To help create comfortable quarters, two fireplaces – one propane and one wood-burning – add to the cozy atmosphere.

Beyond its beautiful design elements, this daylight home’s interior also features a diverse selection of rooms to suit every member of the family. The generously sized master suite is located on the main level, while the remaining three bedrooms are spread throughout. An inviting living room right off the kitchen is perfect for entertaining, while the family room provides a comfortable place to unwind with its luxuriously soft, wall-to-wall carpeting.

A chef’s dream, the gourmet kitchen features Dacor stainless-steel appliances, including a free-standing gas range and built-in oven. Three baths – one with a soaking tub – as well as a spacious laundry room, complete the home’s floor plan.

Though this stunning property is an easy drive from nearby communities and just over a half-hour north of Vancouver, WA, it’s comfortably nestled in the rolling hills of Southern Washington, enveloped by the natural beauty that has drawn so many to the area. A host of spacious windows line the rear of the house, offering an uninhibited view of the surrounding woodlands. If you’re yearning for a breath of fresh air, there’s no better to way to enjoy a moment’s downtime than by kicking back on one of this luxury home’s two covered decks.

Additionally, the home is a just a brief drive from a range of attractions that let you experience the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in all its glory, including the Lake Merwin recreational area, the Lewis River Golf Course and much more. After returning from your outdoor excursions, a two-car garage and RV parking offer plenty of room for your vehicles.


Woodland Daylight Home Yard - Vancouver, WA - Terrie Cox, RE/MAX Equity GroupWhether you’re a Washington native or longtime homeowner seeking to relocate to one of the nation’s most beautiful regions, Terrie can help you find the right luxury home for you. For more information or to schedule your showing, contact Terrie Cox, RE/MAX Equity Group, today.



Watch the Video Tour Here:


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HOAs and CC&Rs: How What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Thinking about buying a home that’s part of a homeowners’ association (HOA)? Before submitting your offer, It’s crucial to read through the community’s covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs), which govern the appearance of homes in your new neighborhood or building.

CC&Rs are generally well-intended rules, but they may interfere with future plans, upgrades or major purchases you’ve planned for your new home. Strict enough CC&Rs could lead you to reconsider your purchase altogether.

Understanding how your association functions and the extent of the CC&Rs — before you buy your home — can help you avoid major headaches and potential financial headaches in the future.


The HOA is a legal entity that manages a neighborhood or community. It collects assessments and fees to maintain the appearance and security of amenities, such as parks, pools, gyms, trails and other shared spaces. Homeowners become HOA members with the purchase of property within the community.

The CC&Rs are the rules of your neighborhood or building; they’re created and enforced by the HOA board to enhance the value of everyone’s homes and build a sense of community. How strictly the board adheres to the rules, though, varies from place to place. Be careful to note that CC&Rs can exist without an HOA; in these cases, they generally follow local municipal codes.

CC&Rs can be fairly straightforward guidelines: mow your lawn regularly, park in the garage, maintain general upkeep on your property, etc. But some rules can get specific and restrictive, limiting exterior paint options, tree planting and removal, fencing, outdoor décor and pet ownership. Extra cars, boats and RVs in the driveway are frequent nuisances for many HOAs.


  1. CC&Rs actually work in your favor.
    While it may be tough to remember while you’re fuming over a violation notice from your HOA board, their rules are in place to improve the value of the homes in your community — not to turn everyone into a nosy neighbor. Keeping houses, lawns and community spaces looking their best makes your neighborhood or building attractive to potential homebuyers and will benefit you in the long run, too, should you decide to sell.
  2. You can challenge the rules …
    As members of the HOA, homeowners in the community have a right to debate rules they feel are unfair or outdated. With enough support, they can request a change from the board of directors. It’s important to be active in your HOA, vote on decisions, maybe join a committee and get to know members of the board. They are your neighbors, after all, and you may need their support if you want to challenge the CC&Rs or run for a spot of your own.
  3. … but you can’t claim ignorance or exclusion after a violation.
    Since the purchase of your home essentially confirms that you understand the CC&Rs, ignoring them isn’t an option. Flouting HOA rules and dues can have potentially disastrous consequences, including fines, forced compliance or liens against your property — and, not to mention, tension among neighbors. Because it is a legal body, the HOA can sue over violations. But it’s not exempt from its own rules, so it, too, can be sued for noncompliance (i.e. neglecting repairs, misuse of HOA dues).
  4. If you’re not sure, ask the HOA board.
    Don’t base decisions off fuzzy interpretations of your CC&Rs. It’s worth bringing an issue up with your HOA board to avoid the hassle and potential cost of a violation. You also may find that some of your neighbors have similar questions or concerns.

Terrie Cox has decades of experience with HOAs in the Portland and Vancouver real estate markets. She’s helped her clients understand and expertly navigate their CC&Rs. Call or text her at (360) 607-4100 or email with your HOA questions.

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Home inspections help sellers anticipate problems, avoid stress, save money

Home inspections are an important step for potential buyers, but they are just as critical for sellers. By having their homes checked out before listing, sellers can avoid surprises, save time and net a higher sale price.

Home inspectors evaluate electrical systems, gas lines, plumbing, basements and crawl spaces, siding, the roof and more. Some of their biggest red flags? Moisture, leaks, radon and mold. Knowing about problems before their house goes on the market, sellers can fix them or anticipate issues that might come up in negotiations. Inspections help sellers and agents accurately price properties, potentially avoiding the anxiety of extra days on the market and potential price decreases.

Terrie Cox, RE/MAX’s top agent in the Pacific Northwest and a Certified Negotiation Expert, advises clients to schedule an inspection before listing their homes. For more expert guidance, call or text Terrie at (360) 607-4100 or email

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Smooth relocation relies on smart prep, dependable Realtor

Congratulations! You landed that great job … in another city. Relocation doesn’t have to be stressful, but there are a lot of moving parts. When you partner with a skilled Realtor like world-ranked RE/MAX broker Terrie Cox to manage the details, everything falls into place.

Follow these steps to a smooth relocation:

1. Choose an ally.

Terrie Cox can streamline your move to Oregon or Washington. As a lifelong Pacific Northwest resident — as well as RE/MAX’s top broker in the region — she’s highly qualified to advise clients on what part of the city and what kind of home might suit them. Terrie is a Certified Relocation Professional, trained to help families transition seamlessly to their new homes, manage relocation expenses and get to know the area.

Terrie’s understanding of the luxury real estate market has given her remarkable insight into what’s important to both buyers and sellers. She’s an expert at working with clients to craft and submit solid offers on their dream homes.

2. Negotiate your relocation.

Set a realistic start date in your new location with your employer. Give yourself and your family plenty of time to learn about the city and visit, if possible; find a good neighborhood; put an unhurried offer in on a home you love; and get comfortable before your first day. If you have school-age children, scheduling your move during a seasonal or holiday break may make the transition easier.

Also be sure you understand your company’s relocation assistance packages and budget accordingly.

3. Get to know your new city.

If your timeline allows it, visit the city you’ll soon call home. See your new home, office and neighborhood and check out your kids’ school, as well as your commute.

When there isn’t time, leverage your network: ask friends and family if they know any locals, call on acquaintances there or email future coworkers with questions. Your Realtor also can give you recommendations for service or repair professionals, nearby grocery stores and local recreation, including options for children.

4. Buy, sell or rent.

Don’t hesitate to rely on your Realtor for help staying on track amid the confusion of moving. And keep in mind that renting in your new city for a few months may be the best option until you find the right neighborhood or home. An experienced Realtor will understand each step and advise you on how to take it. Terrie’s guides for buyers and sellers can help get you started.

5. Take stock of your stuff.

Relocating is an opportunity to part with things you don’t use or enjoy. Ensure your furniture will work in your new home before toting it long distances, only to find it doesn’t fit or match. When moving day comes, make sure your essentials are close at hand, especially if you’re arriving at your new home before the moving truck.

6. Have a family plan.

Relocating can affect families in ways that are difficult to anticipate. Terrie has experience assisting families as they move and will make yours feel supported amid all the unexpected errands and to-do lists. Work with her to coordinate your moving timeline and connect with resources that will make the transition and settling into your new home easier.

Terrie can will be by your side to help make your relocation to the Portland-Vancouver area a success. Call or text her at (360) 607-4100 or email with your relocation questions.

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For Home Loan Applicants, The First Step is Stability

For many buyers, getting a home loan is central to the purchasing process.

Above all, Terrie Cox advises clients to maintain stability before buying a home. Don’t start or quit a job, change marital status, take out personal loans or rack up debt. This may seem counter-intuitive, since buyers often search for a home in response to life changes and may be eager to purchase furniture or appliances. Loan underwriters prioritize consistency, so it’s important to build a steady financial reputation.

Similarly, if buyers receive a large amount of money ahead of a purchase (i.e. cash gift from a parent for a down payment), document it with a gift letter. It should state:

  • Giver’s name, contact information, relationship to the buyer and signature
  • Gift’s amount and transfer date
  • Giver’s statement that they don’t expect repayment
  • Address of intended property

Terrie suggests organizing two years of tax information and bank statements from the past 30 days. Especially be aware of net income, credit scores and histories, existing debt and progress on payoff, and total assets. This will help you avoid surprises during the underwriter’s assessment.

Terrie is RE/MAX’s top broker in the Pacific Northwest and an Accredited Buyer Representative. For advice on home loans, call or text her at (360) 607-4100, or email

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The Pacific Northwest: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Photo Of Home In Lake Oswego,OR - Terrie Cox, RE/MAX Equity GroupFor those who love the outdoors, part of moving to a new part of the country is finding the natural getaways nearby. With majestic mountains, breathtaking coastal landscapes, fairytale-style waterfalls, towering rock formations, and wild forests, it’s difficult to narrow down Oregon and Washington’s recreation options while planning your relocation. Housing that provides comfort and convenience is at the center of it all as well, for both the hardcore and novice hiker, when it comes to nature.

Mt. Hood National Forest: Iconic Beauty

Catch views of Oregon’s iconic Mt. Hood from the many lakes that dot its southwest side, including Lost, Mirror, Trillium, and Timothy. Adventurous types can drive or hike into any spot in Mt. Hood National Forest and set up camp at sites off the beaten path. Several trails—including routes to Elk Meadows, McNeil Point, the Sandy Ridge Trail System, and the Pacific Crest Trail—crisscross the area, offering fields of wildflowers, glacial creeks, alpine inclines, and views of the region’s volcanic peaks, adding to the excitement of relocation. Housing options can be found near these iconic beauties as well as amidst them for those who wish to be surrounded by enchanting forestry.

Oregon Coast: Unbeatable Views

Sweeping cliffs, old-growth forests, and quaint coastal vibes make Oregon Coast campgrounds frequent visitors’ favorites. Head north to Saddle Mountain for a challenging climb or visit Nehalem Bay State Park for beachside cycling, crabbing, kayaking, and beachcombing. As Oregon’s westernmost point, Cape Blanco boasts vast ocean vistas, cabins, and a historic lighthouse. Close to the border, be amazed by Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor’s Arch Rock and Natural Bridges before returning to your yurt at sea stack-spotted Harris Beach State Park near Brookings.

Central Oregon: Staggering Falls & Formations

Silver Falls State Park features 10 beautiful waterfalls, plus overnight accommodations for you and your horses. Relocation housing and other luxury properties for those interested in more rugged outdoor adventures are available nearby, or visitors may pitch a tent at Smith Rock and seek out challenging hikes like Misery Ridge, rock climbing, and mountain biking. Camping options are communal but worth it for the scenic rock formations and plentiful wildlife. Also consider Alder Springs Campground with trail access to shimmering Proxy Falls and Three Sisters Wilderness.

Eastern Oregon: Remote Relaxation

A well-timed stop on your way out to the Wallowas, Minam State Park offers fishing, nearby raft rentals, and springtime wildflowers. Once you reach the mountains, pick a site at Wallowa Lake State Park. Spend the day horseback riding, taking the Ice Lake Hike, canoeing, boating, fishing, or just gazing out at Eastern Oregon’s wide open spaces; nearby activities outside the park include go-kart tracks, art galleries, and a tramway ride to the top of Mt. Howard.

Southern Oregon: Northwest Treasure

Crater Lake National Park, the crown jewel of the National Park Service, features tent and RV sites and cabins seven miles from the rim in Mazama Village Campground. Valley of the Rogue State Park along the Rogue River is also close to Oregon Caves National Monument and Ashland’s Shakespeare Festival. Jackson County’s Howard Prairie Resort, just 40 miles from Crater Lake, is a local favorite, featuring yurts and cabins in addition to tent sites, as well as a full-service marina in view of Mt. McLoughlin.

Olympic National Park: Wild Variety

Skip from lush rainforests, rocky beaches, and jagged peak views along the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Olympic National Park. In addition to quintessential Washington coast views, keep an eye out for eagles and seals from your site along beautiful Second Beach or elk in high-elevation Deer Park. Lake Crescent Lodge is the ideal rustic getaway for those who want to get close to nature, but not too close.

Let Terrie Be Your Guide

Terrie Cox isn’t just your Realtor—she’s your guide to the Pacific Northwest. As a Certified Relocation Professional, Terrie is specially qualified to help you find relocation housing you’ll love in your new surroundings. Get in touch Terrie, a world-ranked RE/MAX Realtor, to learn about more outdoor recreation options near your next home in Washington or Oregon by visiting or calling/texting (360) 607-4100.

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Oregon Winters Bring More Opportunities for Adventure

Photo Of A Snowy Field And Mountains - Terrie Cox, RE/MAX Equity GroupWith 90-degree temperatures in the rearview, winter seems to be lurking right around the corner. Exploration in the Pacific Northwest doesn’t wait for chilly days or wet weather. Hikers and day-trippers join skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers, and snowmobilers in suiting up for the elements and heading out to find adventures and new experiences.

The Mountains

Whether you’re looking at homes for sale in Mt. Hood, Mt. Bachelor, or the high desert of Eastern Oregon, you’ll find plenty of incredible places to enjoy the snow. Mt. Hood is home to world-class winter resorts such as Timberline, Skibowl, and Mt. Hood Meadows. Timberline’s iconic 1930s-era lodge is an unparalleled experience on its own. Direct access to the lift and one of the nation’s longest ski seasons make the stay even sweeter. Timberline partners with Skibowl every year to offer the Fusion Pass, granting skiers and snowboarders access to those resorts and several others across the western United States.

Meanwhile, Mt. Hood Meadows operates within the Mt. Hood National Forest, featuring the region’s most varied and advanced terrain with runs for all skill levels. More mountains in Bend and Sisters give visitors diverse opportunities for skiing and snowboarding, as well as cross-country skiing, sled dog rides, tubing, snowmobiling, ice skating, sledding, and more. Hoodoo Ski Area’s 806 acres boast a vertical drop of 1,035 feet, with Mt. Bachelor’s runs exceeding 3,300 feet. For those skipping the slopes, try snowshoeing under the stars on a Bonfire on the Snow excursion, or sip a beer on the world-famous Bend Ale Trail—the snowshoe trek that tours 10 Bend breweries. First time in Bend? Ask for a complimentary orientation from a Mt. Bachelor Ambassador at the West Village Lodge concierge desk.

Those who are heading to the rugged Eastern Oregon to look at homes for sale can look forward to relaxing in a room at the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, a historic luxury inn adorned with crystal chandeliers and a stained glass ceiling. In Enterprise, the 1910 Historic Enterprise House caters to vacationers taking on Wallowa County’s notable backcountry skiing, cross country, and snowmobiling areas.

The Coast

All of the activities that make the People’s Coast a summer paradise are still available during the off-season as well. In fact, in some cases, they are even better! Watch migrating whales or a brewing storm at Yaquina Head Lighthouse, explore tide pools at Haystack Rock, and cap the day with a sunset on an uncrowded beach. Churning seas make natural attractions like Thor’s Well, Shore Acres, and Samuel Boardman State Scenic Corridor especially spellbinding. Without summertime crowds, you can easily slip into the quaint cafés and breweries of Astoria to watch the boats pass or trek to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport for some fun face-to-face with the otters amidst looking at homes for sale.

The Guide

Terrie Cox is not only the top RE/MAX broker in the Pacific Northwest; she’s also your guide to Oregon’s best winter recreation, retreats, and homes for sale. Wondering about the best getaways near your next new home? Call or text Terrie at (360) 607-4100.

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Before Selecting a Home, Learn About Its School District

Photo Of Young Students - Terrie Cox, RE/MAX Equity GroupOne of the concerns home shoppers—especially those with children—have is finding a home for sale in a desirable school district. Even buyers without children can benefit from the high resale value and stability that a home in a well-regarded zone retains.

Finding out if a district ranks highly, why it ranks highly, and whether it includes the home in question is tricky. Terrie Cox, the leading RE/MAX Realtor in the Pacific Northwest, offers expert knowledge of Portland and Vancouver schools, as well as those in high-end areas such as Lake Oswego, to help families find the right fit.

Portland: An Education for Every Student

Portland Public Schools serves 45,000 students with a variety of interests and educational levels. Many schools are revered for emphasis on the arts—Buckman Arts Focus Elementary—and language immersion programs—Ainsworth Elementary School. Meanwhile, high schools such as Benson Polytechnic High School have career and technical education programs that prepare students for high-demand trade jobs. Benson—with Grant, Wilson, Lincoln, and Franklin—is among U.S. News & World Report’s highest ranked high schools nationwide.

Portland has outstanding private schools as well. Most tout faculty with master’s degrees, smaller class sizes, and robust arts and music programs. Prestigious college prep schools, such as St. Mary’s Academy and Portland Christian Schools, offer a rigorous curriculum, including Advanced Placement options.

Vancouver: Tech Focus, Global Perspective

Vancouver Public Schools prepares students for a tech-based future. The district has received national attention for its innovative use of technology, including providing iPads for all middle and high school students. VPS has been selected multiple times for site visits and videos by the U.S. Department of Education, during which teachers and students detail how digital tools improve learning.

Vancouver’s schools are also noteworthy for their progressive academics. Fort Vancouver High School’s Center for International Studies encourages students to celebrate diversity, approach global issues with curiosity and respect, and connect with their heritage through a cosmopolitan curriculum. International Baccalaureate magnet programs at Columbia River High School push students to think critically, encounter new perspectives, and earn college credit.

Lake Oswego: Best District in the U.S.

South of Portland, the Lake Oswego School District was recently recognized by StartClass—using data from the U.S. Department of Education—as the top school district in the nation. With both Lake Oswego High School and Lakeridge High School on U.S. News & World Report’s rankings for their above-average test scores and college readiness, Lake Oswego is also home to high-performing elementary and middle schools. Each school offers several language options and actively promotes artistic literacy alongside athletic activities.

Depend on a Local Resource

Terrie Cox knows how important a school district is to families looking at the area’s homes for sale. That’s why each of her listings includes which elementary, middle, and high school zone the property falls within. To talk about schools in the neighborhoods you’re considering, call or text Terrie at (360) 607-4100 or visit

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At This Camas Home, Get a View from the Top

 29103 NE Lookout Rd., Camas, WA 98607  

RMLS #  15034984


 Some homes focus on indoor comfort while others flaunt the beauty of their natural surroundings. At this expansive 40-acre property atop Livingston Mountain in Camas, Washington, homeowners will enjoy the very best of both worlds. The main floor’s soaring ceilings accentuate its luxurious details with rolling hills of equestrian acreage and a beautiful barn that beckon horse lovers outside for views of three peaks and the Columbia River Gorge. Floor-to-ceiling windows in the great room invite the outdoors in, so you’ll never have to choose between dramatic vistas and activities inside.

Inside: Grand and Spacious

With Mt. St. Helens visible from the circular driveway, this 7,200 square foot home is a spectacle before anyone steps inside the stately front entrance. The stunning living room–with captivating views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson–and dining room open up from the foyer, with its ornate cherry millwork, regal staircase, and towering ceilings. The gourmet kitchen is stocked with high-end appliances, granite counters, and ample storage, including a butler’s pantry.

The four-bedroom main house caters to both relaxation and recreation. Curl up next to the fireplace in the family room or ease into the master suite’s Jacuzzi tub. Meanwhile, the game room upstairs boasts a wet bar for excellent entertaining and plenty of space for a pool or poker table. Fitness enthusiasts can sweat it out in the main-level gym, then unwind in its sauna. Visitors–or family members needing space for work or hobbies–will appreciate the separate guest house.

Outside: Boundless Adventure

The grounds of this property are an equestrian paradise, featuring a full tack room, a covered arena, and four fenced-in pastures, as well as endless places to discover and explore. For adventurers of all kinds, the equestrian acreage of undeveloped land beyond the main house and yard is ideal for hiking to the spring-fed pond or zipping around on ATVs. Hobbyists will find an eight-car shop for restorations and tinkering with projects. The patio features sweeping gorge panoramas and plenty of reasons–immaculate landscaping, a hot tub, a fire pit, backyard grilling, a serene water feature–to love this exquisite property.

Terrie Cox Will Find the Home for You

Terrie Cox is Oregon and Washington’s premier luxury real estate broker. Recognized nationally and internationally among RE/MAX’s top agents, Terrie is specially qualified to help you find a home you love and submit an offer that will make it yours. To learn more about this magnificent Camas property or Terrie’s other listings, call or text her directly at (360) 607-4100 or visit

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