3 Ways to Best Stage Your Home for Sale

The purpose of staging is to make a home look and feel its most inviting. For a quicker sale and a better offer, most realtors insist on decluttering. Staging takes this process several steps further by minimizing the amount of furniture that’s present and arranging items in an eye-catching layout. Even small changes can yield big results.

Arrange Attractive Artwork On Walls

While less is more when it comes to wall decor, a few well-positioned pieces of the right type of art will show off your spaces beautifully. Remove any personal photos and instead add artwork that brings out the best in a room. Landscapes work well. So do tasteful abstract designs with colors that complement the walls and furnishings.

Light Up Dark Areas

Rooms that are light, bright, and cheerful feel welcoming. People are drawn in and want to spend time there. Dark corners and poorly lit zones have the opposite effect – they repel people.

With your realtor, check each room carefully to make sure all areas are well lit. Replace light bulbs and add fixtures to create the right impression. A mix of lighting increases a room’s appeal; be sure to have both ambient lighting and accent lights. Then add focused lighting for desks, cabinets, nooks, and other special purpose areas.

Group Furniture Into Intimate Settings

Prospective buyers looking at a room are searching for possibilities. They want to envision what the room could be for them. Stoke their imagination by grouping furniture into cozy, intimate settings. Move pieces away from the walls and arrange them into inviting layouts. Create living spaces that are uncluttered and feel welcoming.

For example, arrange sofas, chairs, and accent tables into comfortable conversational clusters. At the same time, make sure nothing blocks the flow of traffic. As prospective buyers follow their realtor from room to room, they’ll be able to easily picture themselves enjoying each space.

For help with staging, call or text Terrie Cox at 360-607-4100.

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