3 Ways to Sweeten Your Offer

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No matter how many times you’ve bought or sold property, each new endeavor comes with unique challenges. The market for home buying & selling in both Portland, OR and Southwest Washington is competitive. Knowing how to make a great offer can help you stand out among buyers who are motivated to close and sellers offering desirable properties. Top Broker Terrie Cox, RE/MAX Equity Group suggests three ways you can sweeten your offer as a buyer or a seller.

Tips for Buyers

When buying a luxury home or any home, it’s very common to face competition from other interested buyers. Consider the following tips to help you rise above the rest. There can be many loopholes in a contract on many kinds of contingencies. Veteran Top Real Estate Broker Terrie Cox, Re/Max Equity Group knows exactly how to negotiate a contract and how to protect her buyers’ best interests.

Show You’re Ready to Invest

Few things are as effective as showing you’re committed to the sale. Making your purchase in cash, if possible, is a powerful way to do so. Cash up front eliminates the hassles that sometimes accompany financing and won’t fall through, enticing sellers to favor you over competing buyers. You could also consider an escalator clause, which is a promise to increase your offer if the seller receives a higher bid from someone else. These strategies show you are passionate about a property and willing to do what it takes to secure it. However, escalation clauses can be tricky and sometimes may NOT be in your best interest. Top Broker Terrie Cox Re/Max equity Group can guide you through when to use an escalation clause and when to use another tactic that may be in your best interest.

Tips for Sellers

Think back to your last home purchase: what would have made the process easier for you? Those strategies could make you a top choice for luxury homebuyers now.

Include Furniture

Sweeten the deal for potential buyers by including furniture or window coverings in the property purchase. With the amount of time, effort, and money expended by the buyer, offering furnishings in good condition and reducing their overall expenditure can make your home much more attractive. At the same time, if you were planning to dispose of your old furniture, this strategy saves you effort and expense as well.

Provide HOA Credit

If you live in a neighborhood that charges homeowners association (HOA) fees, extending a credit on HOA dues to potential buyers could influence their decision. Since buyers are already fronting a down payment and closing costs, allowing them to rely on HOA credit for a duration of your choosing might lead to a more enthusiastic offer.

Learn More about Offers that Motivate

When all is said and done, having a great Broker can be the key to making the best offer possible and attaining the luxury home you want. Enlist the help of World Ranked Broker Terrie Cox, RE/MAX Equity Group, a Pacific Northwest native for your buying and selling ventures. Contact Terrie today by calling or texting 360-607-4100 Direct 7 days a week.