A Day in the Life of a Luxury Realtor

Terrie Cox, World-Ranked RE/MAX Broker

There’s a lot more to being a luxury Realtor than just driving showing expensive homes.  The luxury market is characterized by quality, refinement, and exclusivity. Meeting the needs of luxury clients requires in depth knowledge of the high-end market, diligence with details, and a personal touch.

Finer Details
Like any typical real estate agent, a luxury agent must know every detail about the property, location, amenities, comparable properties listed and sold, community assets, as well as know what their client wants. Since luxury homes are usually large, they don’t typically fit into a price per square foot category, so agents need to highlight the finer appointments and finishes that sell the lifestyle rather than value. They must be familiar with the neighborhood and community including exclusive restaurants, clubs, golf, art, and all the amenities of a finer lifestyle.

Wealth of Knowledge
A successful luxury agent must be an expert in the high-end market. The means being knowledge about properties as well as their clients. They must know their clients and what is important to them such as good schools and hobbies. They must be the expert their clients can trust. Like any other agent, a successful luxury agent must become an expert on each property and the surrounding communities. They must handle each client with first-class care and be prepared to quickly respond to questions and concerns.

Sophisticated Sphere
It takes constant networking to build a sphere of influence. This is done by generating leads through business associates and social connections. A successful luxury agent must view all contacts as a potential client since most everyone in the luxury market will buy or sell property at some point. They must maintain contact with potential clients within their sphere, network with other agents and professionals in order to connect buyers and sellers,
as well as develop a network of trusted professionals such as other agents, inspectors, contractors, and engineers.

And…A Stellar Team
Not even the best luxury agent can do it all alone. They must cultivate efficient, qualified support staff to keep the essential administration and marketing components of the business running smoothly and nothing falls through the cracks. The administrative side involves completing and submitting documents, coordinating appointments for showings and meetings, creating and distributing promotional materials, impeccable communication with phone calls and emails. The support team must also attend to marketing strategies to showcase elegant homes with professional photography and video tours, and glossy spreads in luxury property print publications.

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