Benefits of the Property Tax Exemption Program

The property tax exemption program benefits you in two ways. First, it reduces the amount of property taxes you are responsible for paying. You will not pay excess levies or Part 2 of the state school levy. In addition, depending on your income, you may not need to pay a portion of the regular levies. Second, it freezes the taxable value of the residence the first year you qualify. This means that the levies you pay will be based on the frozen value not the market value. The property tax exemption program is based on a rolling two-year cycle. Year one is the assessment year. Year two is the following year and is called the tax year. As examples, 2019 is the assessment year and 2020 is the tax year. 2020 is the assessment year and 2021 is the tax year. An applicant must meet all qualifications in the assessment year to receive property tax relief in the tax year.