Benefits to Buying a Condo

With the mortgage rates still low many people are shopping around considering what they should buy right now. There are a range of options for single family homes in Clark County, from fixer uppers to new construction communities. But what about condominiums? Some people may overlook this option because of the notion that buying a condo is too much like buying an apartment, which is not the case. A condo is still an investment and offers a variety of benefits that a single family home does not.

Low Maintenance

Condos aren’t only for seniors needing to downsize for low maintenance living. It’s true that a condo is a great option for people reaching a certain age where the upkeep of a house and yard is too much to handle. A condominium can also be a great option for travelers, working professionals, young families, or anyone who would prefer to keep their weekends free for getaways and fun activities, rather than yard work and home improvement projects. Gardening enthusiasts can still dig their fingers in soil with a patio container garden or join a nearby community garden.

Lifestyle & Community

Condominiums come in different shapes and sizes. They can be townhouses, free standing houses, triplexes, townhouses, or mixed use high—or low-rise buildings above store fronts.
Condo properties are often located in urban areas with closer—often walkable—accessibility to shopping, dining, entertainment, and city events. Living in a condo also offers more social opportunities in shared spaces where residents can get together such as clubhouses or rooftop terraces. Many condo communities host fun events for residents like movie nights, game nights, wine tastings, cookouts, and more.

Security & Amenities

Depending on the type of building, condos come included with an added sense of security. Many have secure entrances, garages, gated parking lots, surveillance cameras, or security guards. This is especially great for those who live alone. There are also a range of amenities included onsite to bring recreation and relaxation closer to home such as a fitness center, spa, pool, hot tub, sports courts, community garden, and more.

Of course, as in any home purchase, buyers should do their research or talk to knowledgeable experts about the pros and cons of buying a condo vs. buying a house in order to make an informed decision.