Common Household Problem Solutions

To help keep unwanted bugs out of the home try these simple tips:

bug• Know Your Bug – If you have a pesky bug you cannot control, catch it and do your research. Put the bug in a glass container and further examine it while doing online research in order to find suggestions to keep them out of the house. 
• Prepare for Pests – To help protect your home and family from bug infestation, prepare in advance by having pest products on hand. 
• Tackle Your Do-It-Yourself Projects – Bugs enter the home for food, water, protection from the weather and simply by accident. Be sure to tackle your outdoor and indoor DIY projects to repair any damage including weather stripping windows and doors and filling in any cracks in the wall or flooring. The more prepared your home is for peak bug season, the less likely insects and other pests can get in. 
• Don’t Bring Bugs Home – Shopping at a local flea market or garage sale is a fun way to spend summer days, but beware as bugs may be near. Be sure to check the purchases you make at each location for signs of insects including actual bugs. It’s easy to get an infestation if you bring unwanted bugs into your home. 

Learning how to tackle common household problems can help you and your family save money and keep everyone happy and healthy. And by ensuring you have the know-how and tools on hand, you can maintain and enjoy your home for years to come.