Considering relocating to the Portland-Vancouver area? Here are five things you might want to know before choosing a home in our area.

1. Taxes are different

While many aspects of our lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest are shared between Oregon and Washington, when it comes to taxes, there’s a huge difference between the two states. The main reason is because people who live and work in Washington pay no state income tax, whereas in Oregon, up to 9.9% of residents’ earnings go toward state income tax. The catch is that Washington has a sales tax, yet Oregon does not. This arrangement works really well for relocating entrepreneurs who can set up both their home and workplace north of the Columbia River (in Washington), yet want to maintain access to the many of the fun and enriching qualities that Portland has to offer.

2. Buying a house? Make sure it’s equipped with gutter-guards

People love to move here for the lush scenery, lush with trees. And most luxury homes in our area benefit from the privacy and serenity that a thick forest canopy can provide. But owning a home that’s surrounded by beautiful trees comes with a cost: leaves and pine needles stack up on rooftops nearly year-round, clogging gutters and downspouts, and potentially causing major house damage. Homeowners here absolutely have to get gutter protection like the kind made by Mastershield, which filters out every leaf, needle, and solid particle from entering your home’s gutters. Without them, you’ll have to either pay to have your gutters cleaned each year (sometimes twice) or do it yourself, and you’re setting yourself up for lots potential expense down the road.

3. And since we’re talking about your home’s exterior, let’s talk landscaping

It’s designed to look nice, but it’s also important for functionality and protection of your home’s foundation and sub-structure. With our rainy climate, homes with basements and crawl spaces are susceptible to flooding. Yet a great landscape design can prevent all that. Our region’s professional landscape designers know how to contour a property to channel rainwater away from homes, and they’re experts on the kinds of plantings and residential drainage systems that will work best in each situation. Whether you’re buying a new home or an older one that needs a landscaping update, you’ll need to keep drainage at the top of your design list.

4. Are you a frequent flyer?

Portland International Airport (PDX) is the region’s major air hub, providing convenient service to hundreds of domestic and international destinations. But getting to and from PDX conveniently on weekdays can be challenging, which is why many of the most frequent flyers choose to not live in Portland. Cities like Camas, Vancouver and Washougal, on the Washington side of the Columbia River, are all home to some exceptional luxury communities, and they’re actually closer to PDX than most upscale communities in Portland.

5. The area keeps growing

Like most metro areas, Portland-Vancouver has enjoyed sustained population and economic growth since the end of the last recession. But with the market’s growth rate being among the nation’s highest, soaring home prices make it easier for prospective home buyers to get into bidding wars. Working with an exceptional Realtor®, particularly one with vast luxury expertise, can help buyers ensure that they don’t overpay for the home of their dreams.

When it comes to luxury living, finding the right home for you requires a Realtor® who has luxury expertise. Terrie Cox is Oregon and Washington’s premier luxury real estate broker. Recognized nationally and internationally among RE/MAX’s top 50 Realtors in the world, Terrie is uniquely qualified to help buyers relocating to the Portland-Vancouver area learn more about the market, and select just the right city or community for their new home. Call or text Terrie directly at (360) 607-4100, email or visit