Get Smart about Smart Homes

There are so many smart home gadgets on the market these days. You can plug in these devices around your home to play your music and turn your lamps on and off, all by voice command. But a Smart Home is more than a house full of gadgets. For a home to qualify as a “Smart Home,” all the devices must be seamless, integrated, and work together as well as be controlled by voice and remotely with your phone. What this requires is a central hub that connects all the smart gadgets that operate or monitor the systems of a home, which includes the thermostat, security, media entertainment, humidity, air quality, water use, and more.

Smart Home technology appeals to all age demographics from young families to empty nesters who want to age in place.

Safety & Security
Most modern security systems are designed to integrate with smart home technology to control locks, garage doors, and alarm systems. When you’re away from home there are security notification settings to alert you of activity in and around the house, as well as record video of the activity. No more wondering if you forgot to close the garage door or turn off the coffee pot after you’re already at work, because now you can operate your home from your phone.

Convenience & Efficiency
A grandparent with mobility challenges, a parent holding a sleeping baby, a cat on a lap—all examples of the convenience and necessity for having a television remote within reach. Now a modern household has many more electronic devices than just a television, which means a dizzying number of remotes to control them all. With Smart Home technology, your voice or your phone is your remote. And not just to control electronics, but to adjust heating and cooling, or show you if your package has arrived on the doorstep, all from the comfort of your bed or favorite chair.

Value & Cost Savings
Most Realtors® are now aware that smart home technology can increase the resale value of a home by up to fifteen percent as home buyers are becoming aware of the conveniences and advantages. There are also noticeable cost savings with the ability to easily monitor and control energy and water usage whether you’re at home or away. If you’ve ever kicked yourself for accidentally heating the whole house while you were gone or left the lawn irrigation on all night, Smart Home technology can prevent these types of costly and wasteful mistakes.

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