Qualities To Look For In A Luxury Agent

Terrie Cox, World-Ranked RE/MAX Broker

Traditional real estate transactions require agents who understand current trends and economic forecasts, know how to set the right price, possess smart negotiating skills, and other such important qualities. These same qualities are also true with agents in the luxury market, however selling a luxury property is very different from other real estate transactions. It’s a niche market. You’re selling more than just a house; you’re selling a lifestyle. It’s also more than about just getting the home sold, but getting it sold for the right price. The best place to start is with an experienced luxury agent who understands the nuances of the high-end market. Without an expert, a luxury home may sit too long on the market, with the price dropping, and no prospective buyers. With so many great Realtors® in Clark County to choose from, how do you select the right one to sell your luxury home?

The agent you select to represent you in the sale of your upscale home should also represent the lifestyle image of your home in order to attract the right buyers. This goes beyond a basic manners and professional demeanor but includes elements of poise and tact. A successful luxury agent will be persuasive but not pushy, all while maintaining prompt and reliable communication.

A luxury agent may look right for the part and say all the right things, but beyond “class” is “clout.” A demonstrated track record of success is something you should seek in your agent. A great track record of success comes with industry awards and recognition which should be displayed on an agent’s own marketing materials. If you have to ask an agent to see their merits and achievements then you might wonder how they will market your house if they don’t market themselves effectively.

Attracting serious buyers to a luxury home requires a serious agent with effective marketing expertise who will invest in the marketing of your property without cutting corners. High-end properties typically take a bit longer to sell so luxury Realtors® need a different marketing toolkit which utilizes multiple avenues and channels—such as creating beautiful full color brochures, advertising in magazines with an affluent readership, professional interior and exterior photos and walk through videos, as well as drone aerial video. A full service marketing plan will also include hosting exclusive showing events and a strategy that reaches beyond the local market.