Smooth relocation relies on smart prep, dependable Realtor

Congratulations! You landed that great job … in another city. Relocation doesn’t have to be stressful, but there are a lot of moving parts. When you partner with a skilled Realtor like world-ranked RE/MAX broker Terrie Cox to manage the details, everything falls into place.

Follow these steps to a smooth relocation:

1. Choose an ally.

Terrie Cox can streamline your move to Oregon or Washington. As a lifelong Pacific Northwest resident — as well as RE/MAX’s top broker in the region — she’s highly qualified to advise clients on what part of the city and what kind of home might suit them. Terrie is a Certified Relocation Professional, trained to help families transition seamlessly to their new homes, manage relocation expenses and get to know the area.

Terrie’s understanding of the luxury real estate market has given her remarkable insight into what’s important to both buyers and sellers. She’s an expert at working with clients to craft and submit solid offers on their dream homes.

2. Negotiate your relocation.

Set a realistic start date in your new location with your employer. Give yourself and your family plenty of time to learn about the city and visit, if possible; find a good neighborhood; put an unhurried offer in on a home you love; and get comfortable before your first day. If you have school-age children, scheduling your move during a seasonal or holiday break may make the transition easier.

Also be sure you understand your company’s relocation assistance packages and budget accordingly.

3. Get to know your new city.

If your timeline allows it, visit the city you’ll soon call home. See your new home, office and neighborhood and check out your kids’ school, as well as your commute.

When there isn’t time, leverage your network: ask friends and family if they know any locals, call on acquaintances there or email future coworkers with questions. Your Realtor also can give you recommendations for service or repair professionals, nearby grocery stores and local recreation, including options for children.

4. Buy, sell or rent.

Don’t hesitate to rely on your Realtor for help staying on track amid the confusion of moving. And keep in mind that renting in your new city for a few months may be the best option until you find the right neighborhood or home. An experienced Realtor will understand each step and advise you on how to take it. Terrie’s guides for buyers and sellers can help get you started.

5. Take stock of your stuff.

Relocating is an opportunity to part with things you don’t use or enjoy. Ensure your furniture will work in your new home before toting it long distances, only to find it doesn’t fit or match. When moving day comes, make sure your essentials are close at hand, especially if you’re arriving at your new home before the moving truck.

6. Have a family plan.

Relocating can affect families in ways that are difficult to anticipate. Terrie has experience assisting families as they move and will make yours feel supported amid all the unexpected errands and to-do lists. Work with her to coordinate your moving timeline and connect with resources that will make the transition and settling into your new home easier.

Terrie can will be by your side to help make your relocation to the Portland-Vancouver area a success. Call or text her at (360) 607-4100 or email with your relocation questions.

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