So You Want To Buy A Beach House?

For us here in Southwest Washington our Pacific Northwest coastline is a magical destination for a day or weekend retreat. Quaint towns dot the coastline amid rugged cliffs, sandblown dunes, and tidal estuaries. It’s a haven for surfers, beachcombers, whale watchers, or anyone just wanting to slow down and watch the waves hit the shore.

A daytrip to the coast never feels like enough, and weekend lodging can be expensive and booked up for months. People who love spending time at the coast may dream of buying a house there. Whether for rental income or purely personal use, there are some things to consider before buying a beach house.

If you’re in the market for a second home, a beach house can be a good real estate investment. As property values increase, your beach property will be worth more in the long term. You will also save money on expensive lodging if you like to visit the beach often and for longer stays. As a source of second income, vacation properties typically generate higher income than traditional rentals. Also, the personal enjoyment of having your own place at the beach can be priceless.

Lenders tend to require higher down payments and higher credit scores for financing vacation properties. There will be additional costs to consider such as higher maintenance costs associated with short term rentals as well as the cost of vacation rental property management services. Houses at the coast in the Pacific Northwest take a beating even in average rainy weather but then factor in natural disaster risks like windstorms, floods, fires, and landslides, and you could be faced with repairs and damages beyond your means.

Other Considerations
With the transition to remote work, more people may be able to consider buying a beach house as a primary residence now. A home office with reliable internet and strong cellular signal would be the main requirements. A generator would also be a good idea in the event of power outages from coastal storms. This could be a potential upside to our new life and times in 2020. Also think of how popular you’ll suddenly be with family and friends!!