You only get one shot at a “First” impression.

With the advent of the Internet, the way real estate has been purchased and sold vastly changed. Most searches now begin online, as the Web helps potential buyers weed down their list of homes to view in person. But one thing that hasn’t changed is that a home should definitely stand out from the crowd of other inventory. A seller’s home should be unique, and in some cases, staged to suit the buyer’s imagination.

“Staging is preparing a home for sale so the buyer can mentally move in,” says Terrie Cox.  “Decorating a home is personalizing it,” she says. “Staging a home is depersonalizing it.” Did you know that only 10% of buyers can actually visualize the potential in a home. 

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When staging your home for showings, you want buyers to be able to see themselves living in your home. It should have a comfortable feel to it, without being too funky or extreme. Sometimes, the choice of decor and home furnishings can hurt a relocating family’s chance of selling their home. If furniture is too unusual or quirky, sellers might find potential buyers turning away.

Cost can vary depending on how much you want them to do. From Basic consultation and advice on how to prepare your home to a more comprehensive consultation and helping with furniture placement, de-cluttering and more. 

If this is out of your price range, there are still things you can do to make sure your home is buyer-friendly. For example, make sure that your color scheme is neutral, and if it isn’t consider repainting. You want a nice calming feel so that buyers aren’t turned off by any drastic coloration or design. Make sure your lighting complements the new scheme after painting.

Home Concepts can recommend the correct actions to take to prepare your home.