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Fall Fashion: 5 Local Boutiques for Fall Apparel

Fall Fashion: 5 Local Boutiques for Fall Apparel Little did we know back in 2019 what the coming year and new decade had in store. Style experts didn’t know either. Whether by premonition or coincidence (or perhaps to walk back the rose-colored glasses of last year’s effervescent Living Coral), classic blue was proclaimed 2020 Color of the Year. And it turns out to be just what we need right now. While some may not find this color particularly exciting, most… Read More

So You Want To Buy A Beach House?

For us here in Southwest Washington our Pacific Northwest coastline is a magical destination for a day or weekend retreat. Quaint towns dot the coastline amid rugged cliffs, sandblown dunes, and tidal estuaries. It’s a haven for surfers, beachcombers, whale watchers, or anyone just wanting to slow down and watch the waves hit the shore. A daytrip to the coast never feels like enough, and weekend lodging can be expensive and booked up for months. People who love spending time… Read More

2020 Home Design Trends

With everything that’s happened and changed in this crazy year of 2020, it’s no surprise to learn that home design trends are following suit. We always see new trends in design and décor emerge from year to year, but 2020 is having a dramatic effect on how people view their homes. With less travel, more remote work and distance learning, people are suddenly living in their homes differently now than in any other time in modern memory. More Walls, More… Read More

3 Luxurious Spa Resorts For Late Summer Getaways

With a little bit of summer still left to enjoy and businesses beginning to reopen in regions under Phase II guidelines, it’s not too late to plan a well-deserved vacation. You don’t have to get on an airplane to find some amazing getaway destinations with luxury amenities. And all just within a few hours’ drive. Booking your late summer or even early fall getaway nearby at one of our local hotel resorts is also one way you can help support… Read More

August Local Events

Though many of the summer community events we look forward to all year have been postponed or had format changes this year, summer is not canceled. We still have a long stretch of sunny days and warm weather to enjoy. Sometimes you can have the most fun right in your own backyard, other times you and the family just really need to get out for a change of scenery. Many Clark County organizations are doing their best to present modified… Read More

Qualities To Look For In A Luxury Agent

Traditional real estate transactions require agents who understand current trends and economic forecasts, know how to set the right price, possess smart negotiating skills, and other such important qualities. These same qualities are also true with agents in the luxury market, however selling a luxury property is very different from other real estate transactions. It’s a niche market. You’re selling more than just a house; you’re selling a lifestyle. It’s also more than about just getting the home sold, but… Read More

CCAR Housing Market Report: May 2020 Residential Highlights

Back in March the Stay At Home order led to whispers of concern about how the pandemic would affect the housing market during its busiest months. But according to the most recent housing market report by Clark County Association of Realtors®, Clark County appears to have seen an uptick in activity from interested buyers according to statistics from May 2020. Likely reasons for this activity are low interest rates and the accessibility of virtual showings. New listings in Clark County… Read More

Benefits to Buying a Condo

With the mortgage rates still low many people are shopping around considering what they should buy right now. There are a range of options for single family homes in Clark County, from fixer uppers to new construction communities. But what about condominiums? Some people may overlook this option because of the notion that buying a condo is too much like buying an apartment, which is not the case. A condo is still an investment and offers a variety of benefits... Read More

Now…. is a Really Good Time to Sell

  If you’re considering selling your home, 2020 is the time to do it because these favorable conditions won’t last forever. Right now there is a unique window of opportunity to sell your home quickly and for the maximum price. LOW INTEREST RATES, LOW INVENTORY Though mortgage rates have been gradually rising, they are still historically low, which means more buyers in the market to buy in order to get in on the lower rates before they go back up…. Read More

CURB APPEAL Putting your home on the market?

Tips from Terrie When you’re selling your home, first impressions are everything. Before the digital age, the first impression of a home was known as “curb appeal.” These days, first impressions are usually formed online. As more home buyers start their house hunting on the internet now, achieving that “online curb appeal” is a crucial part of selling your home. Things you can do: PRUNING AND PLANTING Hire a professional landscape designer (not just a landscaper). Nothing defeats the curb… Read More